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Dragalia Lost Tier List And Reroll Guide (November 2022)

Characters have unique element based powers in Dragalia Lost. Here's a Tier list ranking all the characters in Dragalia Lost and how to Reroll

Dragalia follows the standard gacha format but the story and the amalgamation of the dragons and the characters make it stand out. The game lays heavy focus on the characters and their attributes. Players can choose from several characters in Dragalia lost, which is why referring to a tier list becomes necessary. Here is a Dragalia Lost Tier list ranking all the characters in the game.

Dragalia Lost Tier List – All Best Characters Ranked

Our Dragalia Lost tier list has divided all the characters in Dragalia Lost into five tiers —  S, A, B, C, and D with S being the strongest and D being the weakest. Here are all the characters ranked tier-wise.

S Tier Characters In Dragalia Lost

Characters Elements
Gala Mym Fire
Lapis Water
Lowen Water
Gala Zena Light
Gala Alex Shadow
Ezelith Fire
Gala Elisanne Water
Gala Leif Water
Gala Luca Light
Alberius Shadow
Gala Leonidas Fire
Karina Water
Humanoid Midgardsormr Water
Gala Prince Light
Bellina Shadow
Marth Fire
Halloween Lowen Fire
Xander Water
Mitsuba Water
Ryszarda Light
Peony Light
Summer Celliera Water
Ilia Light
Pecorine Light
Mitsuhide Light
Veronica Shadow
Gala Chelle Shadow
Grace Shadow
Patia Shadow

dragalia lost

A Tier Characters In Dragalia Lost

Characters Elements
Emma Fire
Humanoid Mercury Water
Dragonyule Xainfried Water
Alfonse Light
Curran Shadow
Armored Yachiyo Fire
Elisanne Water
Akasha Water
Albert Light
Cleo Shadow
Gala Laxi Fire
Jiang Ziya Water
Gala Notte Water
Dragonyule Malora Light
Forte Shadow
Euden Fire
Hunter Sarisse Water
Formal Noelle Water
Chitose Light
Delphi Shadow
Mikoto Fire
Lazry Water
Grimnir Water
Hunter Vanessa Light
Joker Shadow
Halloween Mym Fire
Laranoa Water
Gala Ranzal Water
Halloween Elisanne Light
Gala Cleo Shadow
Nobunaga Fire
Pipple Water
Kimono Luca Water
Sophia Water
Natalie Shadow
Naveed Fire
Lily Water
Hawk Water
Lucretia Light
Lathna Shadow
Seimei Fire
Xainfried Water
Mona Water
Zhu Bajie Light
Summer Patia Shadow
Panther Fire
Tiki Water
Lin You Water
Yukata Curran Light
Valentine’s Hildegarde Fire
Yukata Cassandra Fire
Yoshitsune Water
Sylas Water
Saiga Water
Noelle Water
Wedding Elisanne Water
Templar Hope Water
Tobias Water


B Tier Characters In Dragalia Lost

Characters Elements
Chrom Fire
Eugene Water
Forager Mitsuba Water
Annelie Light
Althemia Shadow
Chelsea Fire
Catherine Water
Amane Light
Aldred Shadow
Karl Fire
Faris Fire
Fjorm Water
Finni Water
Halloween Melsa Water
Formal Joachim Water
Hildegarde Light
Fleur Light
Botan Shadow
Audric Shadow
Nadine Fire
Kimono Elisanne Fire
Nurse Aeleen Water
Halloween Akasha Water
Louise Water
Kirsty Water
Eirene Light
Radiant Xuan Zhang Light
Julieta Light
Heinwald Shadow
Dragonyule Victor Shadow
Rena Fire
Serena Fire
Ramona Fire
Summer Julietta Water
Pinon Water
Melody Water
Meene Water
Maribelle Water
Sharpshooter Joe Light
Sharena Light
Sha Wujing Light
Linnea Shadow
Kleimann Shadow
Ieyasu Shadow
Verica Fire
Xania Fire
Student Maribelle Fire
Orsem Water
Valerio Water
Yurius Water
Su Fang Water
Ranzal Water
Summer Norwin Water
Summer Cleo Light
Summer Luca Light
Yachiyo Light
Xiao Lei Light
Nefaria Shadow
Summer Verica Shadow
Rodrigo Shadow
Yaten Shadow
Summer Sinoa Water
Victor Water
Wedding Aoi Water
Wedding Xania Water
Valentines Melody Water
Valentine’s Addis Shadow
Vania Shadow
Vice Shadow
Zena Shadow


C Tier characters in Dragalia Lost

Characters Elements
Gala Sarisse Fire
Aoi Fire
Alain Fire
Dragonyule Xander Water
Dragonyule Cleo Water
Celliera Water
Ku Hai Water
Joachim Water
Addis Water
Halloween Althemia Light
Fritz Light
Beautician Zardin Light
Chelle Shadow
Cassandra Shadow
Berserker Shadow
Joe Fire
Incognito Nefaria Fire
Hunter Berserker Fire
Halloween Odetta Water
Gauld Water
Forager Cleo Water
Summer Amane Water
Myriam Water
Musashi Water
Luca Light
Hanabusa Light
Halloween Edward Light
Alex Shadow
Erik Shadow
Durant Shadow
Lea Fire
Laxi Fire
Kuzunoha Fire
Luther Water
Jurota Water
Jakob Water
Ryozen Light
Odetta Light
Mordecai Light
Orion Shadow
Opera Karina Shadow
Nevin Shadow
Taro Shadow
Sazanka Shadow
Wu Kong Light
Vixel Light
Summer Mikoto Light
Ricardt Water
Rex Water
Renee Water
Sinoa Fire
Renelle Fire
Mega Man Fire
Zardin Water
Thaniel Water
Summer Estelle Water
Vanessa Fire
Valentine’s Orion Fire
Valentine’s Ezelith Fire
Yuya Fire
Xuan Zang Fire


D Tier Characters in Dragalia Lost

Characters Elements
Melsa Fire
Marty Fire
Yue Fire
Aurien Fire
Pietro Water
Dragonyule Nefaria Water
Waike Water
Cibella Water
Pia Water
Sophie Water
Philia Water
Rawn Light
Raemond Light
Malora Light
Zace Shadow
Vida Shadow
Norwin Shadow
Edward Shadow
Malka Light
Linus Light
Irfan Light
Nicolas Water
Johanna Water
Francesca Water
Hope Light
Felicia Light
Estelle Light
Elias Light
Eleonora Water
Aeleen Water


How To Reroll In Dragalia Lost?

  • Long press the Dragalia Lost and click on the “app info” button
  • Press the “storage” button and then press the “clear data” button
  • Launch the game and you will see the tutorial again.

The above steps are for Android users. iOS users can simply uninstall and install the game again to get a fresh start.

The best way to play these turn-based action games is by not linking your account in the beginning. When you start the game go through the tutorial and don’t link your account until you summon your main character. If you are satisfied with the character you got go ahead and link your account and if you aren’t repeat the steps.

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