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Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List (January 2023)

Nioh 2 relies heavily on the weapons you choose and how you use them. Here's a Tier list explaining and ranking all the weapons in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 players would know how many times they have to die to clear a level. Nioh heavily relied on combat and Nioh 2 follows the same path. The key to dying less in Nioh 2 is getting the best weapons and use them to their best. With that in mind, we have created Nioh 2 tier list, wherein we have ranked all the best weapons available in the game.

Nioh 2 Weapon Tier List – 2023


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Weapons in Nioh 2 are divided into three tiers S, A, and B with S being the strongest and B being the weakest. Here’s a Tier list ranking all the weapons Nioh 2

Tier S Weapons In Nioh 2


Odachi is one of the simplest to use weapons in Nioh 2. The weapon can deal high damage from a distance as well making it a go-to weapon. High damage and ease to use make it one of the best choices in the game.


Switchglaive seems like a mix of a spear, sword, and scythe. While it might seem the opposite but the variety in the weapon makes it easier to master. When used at mid-stance the weapon dishes out attacks very fast depleting the Ki energy of the enemy. At high stance, Switchglaive becomes a sheer killer with high damage wiping out anything in its way. Switchglaive also scales with magic, one of the most important and useful attributes of Nioh 2.


Kusarigama is the best-ranged weapon in the game. With such high damage from a range, it becomes a must-try for all the players of Nioh 2. Players should be cautious about when you are taking targets from a distance there might be a blindspot forming close to you which the enemies can use to get to you.

Nioh 2 weapons tier list

Tier A Weapons In Nioh 2


If you want to drain the enemy’s energy Tonfas is the weapon you should get your hands on. The damage of Tonfas is low and to do any significant damage you’ll have to get dangerously close to the enemy. If you are going the defensive way then Tonfas is the weapon for you.


Sword has all the stats of Dual sword, you can imagine it as a lower level of Double sword. With balanced stats and high attack, speed players should wield this during the early stages of Nioh 2. Sword is also one of the two weapons which have a counter skill in the game.


Hatchets are one of the most difficult to handle weapons in the game but when used well it is also one of the deadliest in Nioh 2. The damage of Hatchets is low but the attack speed is high. Fast consecutive attacks can deplete the opponent’s Ki energy very quickly. The USP of Hatchets is it can be thrown enabling players to dish out good damage from a distance, given that it is thrown properly.

Tier B Weapons In Nioh 2


Axe is a weapon that can be wielded by any player in the game. The classic high-damage weapon is the best choice if you don’t have great timing. The flip side is the Axe is a heavy weapon which is why it is slow as well. Players should use heavy armor with the Axe which will help them absorb some damage as well.

Dual Swords

Dual swords seem like the exact opposite of Axe as per the stats. While the damage might be low Dual swords has high attack speed which will help you go all out on the enemy. Dual swords can block high damage attacks as well, so you won’t have to carry around heavy armor. It is also one of the two weapons in the Nioh 2 which has a counter skill as well.


The Spear is the best weapon in the game when it comes to attacking from a distance. Spear also maintains a nice balance of good damage and good defense making it the go-to option if you are new to the game. Fighting from a distance might be a smart choice where players die every 2 minutes.

These were all the weapons in Nioh 2 ranked tier-wise. The tier list is completely subjective and based on our experience of the game. This is why some of you might agree or disagree with the tier list. We have explained all the weapons well, which will help you decide on your own as well.

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