Infinity Kingdom Tier List (May 2024)

Players can choose from various characters in Infinity Kingdom. Here's a Tier list ranking all the Immortals in Infinity Kingdom.

Infinity Kingdom is an MMO game where players will have to build and protect their base. Unlock heroes also known as immortals and defeat other players to get resources. The game follows turn-based combat which is why choosing the right heroes becomes very important. Here’s a tier list ranking all the immortals in the Infinity Kingdom.

Infinity Kingdom Tier List – May 2024

Immortals in the Infinity Kingdom are divided into six tiers S, A, B, C, D, and E with S being the strongest and E being the weakest. Here are all Infinity Kingdom characters ranked tier-wise.

infinity kingdom tier list
S Tier Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

  • Baldwin IV: Leper King
  • Alexander the Great: Conqueror Of The World
  • Atilla The Hun: Scourge Of God
  • Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess
  • Charles The Great: Father Of Europe
  • Cleopatra: Queen Of The Nile
  • Gilgamesh: Hero King Of Sumeria
  • Flavius Belisarius: Mediterranean Conqueror
  • Genghis Khan: The First Great Khan
  • Qin Emperor: Unifying Ruler
  • Hannibal Barca: Father Of Strategy
  • Leonidas: King Of Sparta
  • William I: William the Conqueror
  • Siegfried: Dragon Slayer
  • Theodora: Empress Of Eastern Rome
  • Harald III: Hard Ruler
  • El Cid: Conqueror Of Valencia

A Tier Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

  • Empress Wu: Empress Supreme
  • Ashoka: Buddhist King
  • Brynhild: Great Conqueress
  • Helen Of Troy: Renowned Beauty
  • Frederick I: Emperor Barbarossa
  • Julius Caesar: Roman Dictator
  • Hippolyta: Queen of the Amazon
  • Joan of Arc: The Maid of Orleans
  • Merlin: The Great Wizard
  • King Arthur: King of Camelot
  • Medb: Queen of Brutality
  • Ramesses II: Last Glory of Egypt
  • Moctezuma I: The Angry Lord
  • Peter the Great: Emperor of All Russia
  • Yi Seong-gye: Founder of Joseon
  • Richard I: The Lionhart
  • Saladin: Warrior King of Ayyubid
  • Arminius: First German Hero
  • Yoshitsune: Legendary Samurai Commander
  • Zenobia: Queen of Resisting Rome

B Tier Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

  • Boudica: Queen of the New Nation
  • Abaoji: Snake of the Prairie
  • Amanitore: Light of Kush
  • Isabella of Castile: Great Founder
  • Edward: Black Prince
  • Gaius Marius: Artistic Warrior
  • Sanada Yukimura: Last Samurai
  • Mulan: Heroin of Wei
  • Robin Hood: Forest Outlaw
  • William Wallace: Champion of Freedom
  • Spartacus: Rebel Galdiator
  • Lancelot: Knight of the Lake

C Tier Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

  • John Henry: Steel Driver
  • Bedivere: One-Armed Swordsman
  • Pelayo: Prince of Asturias
  • Samson: Judge of the Sun

D Tier Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

  • Constance: Queen Of Sicily
  • Caenis: Spear Legend
  • Tomoe Gozen: Vanquishing Arrow
  • Jebe: Conqueror of the West
  • Vlasta: Courageous Heroine
  • John Zizka: One-Eyed Zizka

E Tier Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

  • Arnold Von Winkelried: General Of Athens
  • Pierre Terrail: Fearless Knight
  • Niels Ebbesen: Tyrannical Patriot

This was the detailed Tier wise ranking of all the immortals you can get in the Infinity Kingdom. The tier list is based on our experience of the game. This is why many of you might agree or disagree with it. We would advise all of you to refer to the tier list before starting the game as it will enable you to cruise through the game.

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