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Botworld Adventure Tier List (April 2023)

Wondering about which character is the most powerful? Here's the answer to all of your questions.

Botworld adventure is an Open-world mobile RPG game only for Android and ios users. this game is developed by Featherweight. In this game, the players have to explore the Botworld and complete Quests, and Contracts,  also build a team of Bots. This team of Bots is put into a Battle, where they fight other Bots in order to earn Rewards, Items, and also Exp. Which will raise their AI level to some extent, But for winning those Battles the Player should have a little bit of knowledge of the Bots and their power before adding them to their team. For knowing the Bots better we have the Best Botworld Tier List for you, which will surely improve your Gameplay.


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Types of Tier Groups

the Tier list helps you in picking the right Bot for your team and we have accurately categorized the Bots into 5 different tier groups.

  • Tier S+: The Bots who fall into this category are very powerful and also very difficult to Defeat.
  • Tier S: This category’s Bots are also powerful but they’re just slightly less powerful than the S+ tier bots.
  • Tier A: The Bots of this category have a good amount of strength and they can perform really well.
  • Tier B: This category of Bots have an okay amount of strength and there are possibilities that they can loose.
  • Tier C: The Bots of this category hold a very less amount of strength and has a really less amount of impact on the enemy’s bots.

Now you know which category stands for what.

Botworld Adventure Tier List (April 2023)

  • S+
    • Icicool
    • Ram
    • Thump
  • S

    • Dune Bug
    • Mort
  • A

    • Bigshot
    • Brute
    • Chomp
    • Hornet
    • Virus
  • B

    • Barrie
    • Berserker
    • Bombee
    • Fork
    • Froggy
    • Frosty
    • Lobbie
    • Nozzle
    • Pupil
    • Rocketeer
    • Yanky
  • C

    • Beat
    • Bullwark
    • Flamer
    • K.O
    • Longshot
    • Slash
    • Chainer
    • Pluggie
    • Slicer
    • Scatter

We have listed all the Botworld Adventure Bots in this tier list, and categorized them accurately on the basis of their powers and strength. you just have to take a look at it and try to improve your gameplay. We will keep updating this list if new Bots arrive or the Developer decides to Buff/De-buff the existing bots. If you’re a Beginner and struggling to figure out the game, don’t worry here’s a Botworld Adventure Beginners guide for you.