Botworld Adventure: Ultimate Beginners Guide And Tips

Here is a list of all the beginner's tips in Botworld Adventure.

Botworld Adventure is a role-playing game developed by Featherweight. Here are all the tips and tricks for all beginners to master in Botworld Adventure. Firstly, every player is asked to choose one animal character that will represent them in the game. For example a cat, dog, or a buffalo. Once you are done choosing an animal character get on your journey with Bots and explore the Botworld.

Catch all the possible bots by winning fights against the wild bots and make a collection of them. Also, make sure to upgrade your bots from time to time to give a tough fight against all the enemy bots in the game. Do not forget to place your bots very wisely on the battlefield to win all the bots in the Botworld Adventure.

Botworld Adventure Beginner Guide

Explore As Much As You Can

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide

Explore each and every place shown in the Botworld Adventure Map. While on the hunt collect all the hidden treasures. No matter if you are in a City Center or wild Forest there are hidden treasures everywhere. Try to collect all of them on your journey to get rewards.

Update All Your Bots

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide

Gather all the materials and level up your bot from time to time. This will help you to increase the stats of your bot in Botworld Adventure. Update Bots on the lower level first to use them in the upcoming matches.

Complete All The Quests

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide

There are quests in the Botworld Adventure which are uploaded in the game frequently. Complete every task in the quest to earn some exciting rewards.  Try and complete the quests before the time is up. You can find these quests by clicking on the map icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Pick your fights wisely

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide

There are wild bots and bandits in the Botworld Adventure. Both give you the same reward when you win the fight. Wild Bots are easy to defeat whereas bandits are a little difficult to put down. So at the beginner’s level try fighting against wild bots and not the bandits. There is no point in fighting a battle and spending your health points and xp if you are gonna lose in the end.

One Bot at a time

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide

Do not get into fights with multiple wild bots at the same time. Plan your battles very strategically. Because you might lose if you can’t combat with multiple bots simultaneously.

That’s all you need to know about the Botworld Adventure beginner’s guide. Check out another article on the top 5 best roleplay games on Roblox