Blitz Rise Of Heroes All Characters Ranked Tier List (2023)

All Characters of Blitz Rise of Heroes ranked.

Blitz Rise of Heroes is an action-strategy RPG. The game has over 100 chapters and crosses 50 characters. These heroes belong to different factions, classes, and roles. This separation makes it hard for players to find and select the best characters. So we went through all the characters and created this tier list of Blitz Rise of Heroes characters.

All Characters Tier List for Blitz Rise of Heroes (2023)

Blitz Rise Of Heroes Best Characters

S+ Tier List

  • Ilar – Divine, Ranged, Rogue, Damager.
  • Charline – Alliance, Ranged, Mage, Healer.
  • Oddar – Alliance, Melee, Rogue, Damager.

S Tier List

  • Alden – Divine, Mage, Rogue, Supporter-Healer.
  • Enael – Alliance, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Tayra – Alliance, Mage, Ranged, Healer.
  • Aarox – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Umida – Keepers, Rogue, Melee, Supporter.

A+ Tier List

  • Solei – Divine, Warrior, Melee, Supporter.
  • Hideon – Alliance, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Melgor – Alliance, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Tsetrum – Keepers, Warrior, Melee, Tank.

A Tier List

  • Elentine – Alliance, Rogue, Ranged, Damager.
  • Braxia – Keepers, Rogue, Melee, Supporter.
  • Miara – Keepers, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Zitrius – Undead, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Meya – Keepers, Mage, Ranged, Healer.
  • Ashmira – Keepers, Warrior, Melee, Damager.

B+ Tier List

  • Karn – Keepers, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Gvin – Alliance, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Vincent – Undead, Rogue, Melee, Summoner-Damager.
  • Rodkhan – Keepers, Warrior, Melee, Tank.

B Tier List

  • Nevsifeya – Undead, Mage, Melee, Supporter-Debuffer.
  • Taurus – Ashen, Warrior, Melee, Tank.
  • Javkhar – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Supporter.
  • Istra – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Pyroxena – Ashen, Mage, Ranged, Damager.

C Tier List

  • Yagolor – Undead, Warrior, Melee, Tank.
  • Zera – Ashen, Rogue, Melee, Damager.
  • Larana – Undead, Rogue, Melee, Supporter.
  • Grodan – Ashen, Warrior, Melee, Damager.
  • Niss – Undead, Mage, Ranged, Damager-Debuffer.

D Tier List

  • Tezeus – Undead, Mage, Ranged, Healer-Supporter.
  • Savian – Undead, Mage, Ranged, Damager.
  • Alzekir – Ashen, Rogue, Melee, Damager.

Here is the all-characters tier list for Blitz Rise of Heroes to win the game. Looking for more such interesting articles. Check out this list of best characters from Magic: ManaStrike and Nu Carnival’s top characters.