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BlazBlue Centralfiction Tier List- All Characters Ranked (November 2022)

Find out all the characters in BlazBlue Centralfiction ranked from best to worst!

BlazBlue Centralfiction is a new addition to the BlazBlue series and it’s already up on Steam for all the players. BlazBlue series has plenty of characters for players to choose from in all the matches. The new addition to the series has also brought a lot of new playable characters into the game that players can choose from.

If you are new to the game and are new to all the characters in the game then here is BlazBlue Centralfiction Tier List for you. Check out the list and pick the best fighter in the match.

BlazBlue Centralfiction Tier List- Best Characters Ranked

BlazBlue Centralfiction tier list

There are a total of 36 playable characters in BlazBlue Centralfiction and we have divided and put them into different tiers depending on their scores. Check out the list below and find all the characters ranked from best to worst. The S tier has a list of best characters and the D tier is the last tier that has the weakest characters in the game.

S Tier In BlazBlue Centralfiction

The S tier in BlueBlaz Centralfiction has all the characters with the highest fighting scores.

Characters  Score 
Nine 195.8

A Tier In BlazBlue Centralfiction

Characters in A tier are the second-best characters in the game that can help you win any fight in BlueBlaz Centralfiction.

Characters  Score 
Izayoi 188.1
Jin 187.2
Izanami 186.6
Carl 186.1
Rachel 185.4
Jubei 184.3
Mu-12 183.1
Azrael 183
Nu-13 183
Litchi 182.1
Hakumen 180.6
Lambda 180.6
Arakune 180.4
Kokonoe 180.4

B Tier In BlazBlue Centralfiction

The characters that fall in the B tier have all the average characters in BlueBlaze Centralfiction.

Characters  Score 
Mai 179.9
Valkenhayn 178.7
Tsubaki 177.6
Hazama 177.4
Es 176.7
Platinum 175.2
Celica 174.4
Relius 173.8
Amane 171.5
Hibiki 171.1

C Tier In BlazBlue Centralfiction

This tier has characters that have poor skills and abilities and we suggest you to not choose them for boss matches.

Characters  Score 
Ragna 169.6
Susanoo 168.7
Taokaka 164.4
Naoto 163.7
Tager 162.6
Kagura 161.1

D Tier In BlazBlue Centralfiction

This is the last tier in BlueBlaz Centralfiction and it has all the worst heroes or characters in the game.

Characters  Score 
Terumi 160.6
Bang 158.1
Bullet 156.7
Makoto 155.9
Noel 155.4

This is everything you need to know about BlazBlue Centralfiction tier list. If you are new to the game and want to know about the game and all the characters in the game then click on the link and get all you are looking for in BlazBlue Centralfiction.