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Back 4 Blood Characters Tier List (January 2023)

Players can choose from 8 characters in Back 4 Blood. Here is a Tier list ranking all the cleaners in Back 4 Blood and how to unlock them.

Back 4 Blood is a 4 player co-op zombie looter shooter inspired by the Left 4 Dead series. After months of playing the beta version, players finally have the Full version of Back 4 Blood, and it seems to meet all the expectations. Players can choose to be any of the 8 cleaners (playable characters) in Back 4 Blood to take on the Ridden. Here is a Back 4 Blood Cleaners tier list ranking all the playable characters in the game.

Back 4 Blood Characters Tier List – January 2023

We have divided all 8 cleaners into three tiers S, A, and B, with S being the strongest and B being the weakest. We have also highlighted the unique abilities of all the cleaners so that players can choose the Cleaner as per their playing style. Here’s the Tier wise ranking of all the Back 4 Blood cleaners and how to unlock them.

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S Tier Cleaners In Back 4 Blood


Walker is an attack-heavy character which is it is safe to call him the muscle of the team. Every precision kill will increase Walter’s accuracy for the next 20 seconds, and he can also dish out 10% extra damage. Walker also increases all the team member’s health by 10%. Walker is a default character, so you won’t have to unlock him, making him one of the best cleaners to start with.


If using a variety of guns is your thing, Hoffman is the Cleaner you should go for. Hoffman is the arms expert of the team, and when you club him with great shooting and aiming skills, there’s no one better than him. Every time Hoffman kills a Ridden, he will get extra ammo, so you don’t need to stress about that, and he will also increase the team’s moving speed by 5%. Players can unlock Hoffman by completing the first 4 missions of Act 1.


Doc is the best healer character you can get in Back 4 Blood.  Apart from increasing the whole Team’s trauma resistance capacity by 25%, Doc can heal all the teammates by 25% at every level and increasing their healing efficiency by 20%. Players can unlock Doc by completing the first 4 missions of Act 1.

A Tier Cleaners in Back 4 Blood


Evengelo is the quick guy of the team as he can break out grabs of a Ridden or anyone else in 60 seconds. If hit and run is your style of combat, then Evangelo is the character you should choose. Evangelo has 25% extra stamina and can increase the team’s moving speed by 5%. Players can select Evangelo from the beginning and won’t have to unlock him by completing specific missions.


Jim is another attack-heavy cleaners players can choose in Back 4 Blood. Every precision kill increases his stacking damage by 2.5% and increases his aim by 25%. Apart from that, Jim increases the damage all the teammate’s dish out, especially at the enemy’s weak points, by 10%. Players can unlock Jim by completing the first 4 missions of Act 1.


Every time Holly kills a Ridden or anyone else, she gains 10% stamina, so when used to her best, Holly can practically never run out of Stamina. Holly has 10% extra damage resistance and can increase the whole team’s Stamina by 25%. Holly is a default cleaner, and players won’t have to unlock her.

B Tier Cleaners in Back 4 Blood.


If stealth is your forte, Karlee is the Cleaner you should go for in Back 4 Blood. Karle can sense dangers from a distance and guide the team better. Apart from that, Karlee can also increase the team’s use speed by 50%. Players can unlock Karlee by completing the first 4 missions of Act 1.


As the name suggests, Mom is a healer-type character in there to look after the whole team. Mom can revive all the teammates once at every level and can also help with the support inventory. Apart from that, Mom also gives 1 extra life to the whole team. Mom is a default character, and players don’t need to unlock her in Back 4 Blood.

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