Can I See Who Viewed My Pro­file on Instagram? Complete Guide

Does Instagram allow you to see who viewed your profile?

Who viewed my Instagram profile? — Is a question always comes in our mind whenever we change our DP on Instagram? There is no harm finding who has viewed your Instagram profile or who have been impressed with the activity and creativity done by you on IG.

Only a few people know that they can find out who viewed their Instagram profile. Yes, you read that right! Besides pressing the like button, we always end up visiting Instagram profiles of someone when a picture or video attracts us the most.

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Instead of following someone on Instagram, people prefer to visit the Instagram profiles of models and celebrity such as Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez —  who post several pics and videos a  day—  to check their recent posts.

Does Instagram allow you to see who viewed your profile? If you are one of those thousands of people curious to know does Instagram allow you to see who viewed your profile then get ready for the harsh truth? Sadly, Instagram does not let you see who viewed your Instagram profile. According to reports, Instagram does not have an in-app functionality to track your profile visitors, yet.

If you have a business account, you will be able to see the number of visitors you had in the past days or how many users saw your posts in their feed. But when it comes to the names of all visitors then Instagram does not show it.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram seems to be tight-lipped about this specific question for obvious privacy issues.

Third-Party App Alternatives

Instagram might not be providing information who viewed your Instagram profile but there are various third-party tools out there claiming to provide the exact information what you are looking for. There is no denying of the facts that there are dozens of Android and iOS app claiming to provide the information but do these apps actually work? Nope!

Majority of the apps available on Google or Google Play Store are fake and they usually pick random Instagram names and display the same to you. There are many apps on Play Store asking users to pay a little amount if you wish to see more than five names.

If anything to go users reviews on Plat Store, most of the apps available on the App Store pick random names and scramble them up when you check the next. Not to mention that an ad will pop up every few minutes.

The only reason why such apps failed to provide profile visitors is Instagram API doesn’t share such information with third-party apps. There are a number of apps out there showing who followed or unfollowed recently but asking for the names of Instagram profile visitor is too much.

Notably, if you have already tried to find out the names of people who have visited your Instagram profile, make sure to revoke the access immediately, even if you do not use them anymore.

Open Instagram’s Authorized Applications page on your browser and revoke the permission you’ve given to any such suspicious apps.

Cool Alternatives: Instagram Stories

If you still wish to track Instagram profile visitors, the now-popular Instagram Stories feature is the best way to do so, since the stories posted by public accounts are accessible to almost everyone (unless they are blocked from viewing it).

What all you have to do is to open a story and swipe up. Click on the eyeball icon and list of people who have visited your story will be appeared on the screen. Notably, the list will also have names of people who don’t even follow you on Instagram.

If you find something suspicious, tap on the little cross icon (next to the name) will block the person from viewing your future Instagram Stories. You also have an option to switch to a private account if you wish to keep your data private.