Instagram Account Hack Guide: 5 Best Ways To Hack IG Account Without Password

Here are some of the best spy apps to use in 2020.

Beating Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has become the popular social media platforms across the world. If you are one of those millions of people who are jealous of a particular person and want to hack his or her Instagram account without using any password, you are at the right place.

We all know hacking someone’s Instagram account is not legal. But, there are certain reasons when you would surely want to hack  someone’s Instagram accounts. One of the main reasons behind knowing how to hack Instagram account is to keep a close eye on your kids’ or partner’s activity or you might have forgotten your our own password.

Irrespective of whatever the reason is, there are various ways to access someone’s Instagram account without their password. Here are five easy methods to hack someone’s IG account.

How To Hack Instagram Account Without Password

1. Pass Decryptor

Instagram account hack guide

Pass Decryptor is one of the easiest and most suitable apps to hack someone’s Instagram account. After launching Pass Decryptor app on your system, click on ‘Start Recovery’ button and it will automatically find & recover all Instagram passwords as shown in the below picture.

What makes Pass Decryptor quite famous among the audience is it can recover Instagram password from 31 browsers and it works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows XP to new Windows 10 version.

You can download Pass Encryptor from this link.

2. CocospyInstagram account hack guide

Cocospy is one of the most trusted tools to hack the Instagram account of your dear ones. That’s the reason why millions of people across the world are currently using it. Cocospy helps you to know what your kids or employees are doing at your back. This software can easily track locations, messages, calls and apps to your beloved ones and employees.

Using Cocospy, you can easily hack an Instagram account. Unlike illegal software, it not only gets the job done but also offers plenty of unique features:

  • Web-based Interface – You are not required to download the application on your PC or phone to get access. You can access it via any web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.
  • No rooting or jail-breaking – Most of the hacking apps in the market need you to root or jailbreak the targeted phone. This compromises the safety and security of data. With Cocospy, the data will be safe.
  • Security – Cocospy ensures that none of the Instagram or personal data hacked from the phone.
  • If you use Cocospy to hack someone’s Instagram account, the other person will never that their Instagram account was hacked.

How to hack Instagram account using Cocospy?

If you want to hack someone’s Instagram account using Cocospy, you will need to follow these steps.

  • Sign-up to Cocospy account. Select your subscription plan on the basis of what operating system you are using.
  • Follow the setup wizard for configuring the application. If the targeted phone has an iOS, you will have to verify the iCloud credentials of the targeted device.  If the phone is Android, you will have to download and install the application from the link provided by the setup wizard.
  • Click on ‘Start’. You will be taken to the Dashboard where you will see the Instagram Spy.
  • Besides hacking the website, Cocospy has a feature called ‘Keylogger’ which will not only provide their massages but also about their Instagram searches.

3. Spyic

Instagram account hack guide

Spyic is one of the most popular parental control and remote monitoring app. Spyic is a software that can track locations, messages, calls and app use remotely to keep your children safe. The best thing about this software is it runs very smoothly.

It has been ruling the market for years courtesy to its discreet and secure nature. With a few simple steps, you can easily hack an Instagram account of your kids. Similar to Cocospy, Spyic does have a Keylogger feature to track Instagram searches.

You can even use the keylogger to capture the person’s username and passwords!

How does it work?

The installation process of Spyic is quite simple. You can follow these steps to do so:

Step 1:

For of all, you need to sign up for a free Spyic account. You can use your Email ID for the username.

Step 2:

Once the free trial period ends, you will have to buy its paid subscription. The options are categorized depending on how many devices you want to monitor. There are some minor differences all the plans for Android and iOS.

The paid version of Spyic lets you monitor a single device. The family or Corporate version is if you want to monitor 3 or more devices.

Step 3:

Once you buy its subscription, the company will send you setup instruction on your email. You will have to pick your targeted platform such as iOS or Android. Now, its time to Install Spyic on iOS devices remotely.

Spyic for iOS is a web-based app. It works with the iCloud backup and not directly with the phone. As a result, you won’t need to download anything. Just enter the target device’s iCloud detail and wait for the software to sync with the iPhone or iPad.

If you want to install this software on an Android device, you will have to download a small app, which is the size of 2 MB only. Once the app is installed, wait for Spyic’s server to sync with the target phone.

That’s all you need to do. The dashboard allows you to see what’s happening on the device. The various phone monitoring features can be found in the selection panel to the left.

4. Spyier

Instagram account hack guide

Spyier is one of the most popular tracking software. It is being used by millions of parents, employers and people in relationships. With the help of this software, you can easily track locations, calls, messages and app. It’s web-based, stealthy, and 100% secure.

Besides the above-mentioned features, you can hack Instagram accounts of your kids and employee securely. You can use this app in both iOS and Android devices. It will take only a few minutes to set up the application. Once the installation process is done, you will be able to monitor the device remotely from any web browser of your PC or phone.

With the help of Spyier, you can easily hack Instagram of the targeted user.

What’s the USP of the Spyier app?

There are certain features that differentiate it from the others but we will only be discussing two of its main features.

1. Spyier is a legitimate no-rooting and no-jailbreak solution

You must be aware that the majority of spy apps work with rooted or jailbroken devices. For the unversed, Root and Jailbreak can be complex to implement. Sometimes, trying to root or jailbreak a device leads to data loss or malware infections.

Spyier stands out one of the best spy apps that has the potential of monitoring phones and tablets without the necessity of jailbreak.

2. Spyier comes with a powerful keylogger

Additionally, Spyier does have a feature called Keylogger. It can an invaluable tool for you. This tool helps you to records all the keystrokes made on a target device. These keystrokes are put in a log file and shared with you.

Why is this important? When the targeted phone user types in their account credentials, whether on social media or emails, this information will be recorded with you. You can potentially gain access to all the target’s online accounts!

5. Spyine

Instagram Hack Guide

Spyine is yet another application to hack Instagram account without any password. This is nex-generation phone spy and tracking location software that give you access to the targeted user without having to root or jailbreak.

The navigation and interface of this spy app are too simple making it easier for its user to access all the features. This is surely one of the best spy app to keep a close eye on our beloved ones and employees. Similar to the above-mentioned apps, Spyine does have a Keylogger option.

These are the top 5 spy apps to hack someone’s Instagram account. All the spy apps that we have mentioned here not only provides amazing features at an affordable price but also ensures the safety of yours and the targeted device’s data.

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