How To Fix Unknown Host Error On LinkedIn

Can't access your LinkedIn account? Try these Fixes.

LinkedIn is an American professional identity network and employment service website and app. It has over 750 million members as of now. The service allows users to post and seek jobs. You can share your ideas and get acquainted with a community of similar interests and ambitions as yours. Are you a regular user of LinkedIn? But are unable to use your account due to an Unknown Host error on LinkedIn. Try these fixes.

LinkedIn: How to Fix Unknown Host Error

Unknown Host Error On LinkedIn

Several reasons might trigger this issue. Such as faulty DNS entry, server down, and weak internet connection. Even VPN can be one reason for this error. No matter what the source of the hindrance is, it is stealing your time and slowing down your work.

Clean Cache and Cookie

Often it is the case that you come in contact with a malicious or buggy site while surfing. And that corrupts your cache and cookie storage. So follow the steps below to delete the cache and cookies from the browser.

  • Open your browser and go to Settings.
  • Select “Privacy and Security“.
  • You will see the “Clear browsing data” option or something similar depending on the browser you are using.
  • If you are using Chrome, you will see three checkboxes. Untick Browsing History and select Time Range “All time“.
  • Choose the “Remove all” or “Clear Data” option and confirm to clean.

Restart Your Network and System

It is an all-time solution. No matter which error or issue you face. Restart your wifi router, switch or swap your internet cable, and make sure your internet is working by playing some YouTube videos. And if none of them work, try restarting your PC.

Disable VPN

If the error says that the server does not have a DNS entry. It might be due to VPN. So if you are using Virtual Private Network, turn it off and try again.

If none of these solutions work for you, contact its official support. And if this fix for the Unknown Host error on LinkedIn worked for you. Then check out how to block someone on it and how to fix the upstream connect error in Spotify.