How To Fix Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads

Ublock is the most famous adblocker for all browsers but sometimes it doesn't block all Youtube ads. Here's how to fix this Ublock issue.

Ublock Origin is one of the leading ad blockers for all web browsers as it blocks ads on websites and youtube. Recently many users are experiencing some issues as Ublock isn’t able to bock all ads on Youtube. Here’s how to fix the Ublock origin not blocking youtube ads issue.

Ways to fix Ublock Not Blocking Youtube Ads

Ads bring in the majority of the revenue for Youtube which is why Youtube keeps updating the site to get through such Adblockers. Maybe Ublock isn’t able to get past the latest update on Youtube. Here are some ways you can use to fix it.

Check Filters

Maybe it is not Youtube and your adblocker that needs to be updated. Many users add filters on Ublock to block ads on specific websites and apps only. In case Ublock is not blocking Youtube ads users should check the filters or just set the filter settings to default.

Check If Ublock Is Paused

Many users pause Ublock for a specific, it might be that you paused and forgot to resume Ublock. It is recommended that users check if they have paused Ublock.

The OG Reinstall Trick

In case nothing else works users should delete and reinstall the Ublock adblocker. If there is an issue with the settings of Ublock reinstalling will help fix it as it will reset all the settings to default.

Cache And Cookies

Sometimes there might be a junk file in the Cache data that might be interfering with Ublock. Clear the cache and cookies of your browser and then re-launch the browser. This should most probably fix the Ublock issue.

These are all the ways you can use to fix the Ublock not blocking ads on the Youtube issue.
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