Best Mee6 Commands For Discord Users

Mee6 enables you to play music and do much more on your Discord server. Here's a list of all the Mee6 commands you can use on your server.

Discord is the go-to communications app for gamers across the world. Many people are either a part of a discord server or run a discord server. In case you manage a server Mee6 is a savior for you, with a variety of commands it will help you manage your discord server better. Here are the best Mee6 commands every Discord user should use.

Top Mee6 Commands

Commands What it does
!ban, !unban, !mute, !unmute, !Kick These are the basic moderation commands that will help you ban, unban, mute, unmute and kick people.
!tempban @username duration The !tempban command will enable you to ban someone for a specific time.
!warn Using this command will send a warning to the user and consecutive warnings will hamper the player’s ranking also.
!user-info @username This command will help you get all the info of a user like what is the user’s role or server name.
!infractions @username Use this command to get the complete history of a user, all his interactions in the past 24 hrs, 1 week, or since the user has joined the server.
!clear-all-infractions This command will remove all the impressions of a user
!play, !resume, !queue, !add, !clear queue, !skip and !previous. These are some of the basic music commands that will enable you to play, resume and perform other basic functions.
!seek Use this code to start playing a song from a specific point.
!join and !leave This command will make the bot follow you when you switch between voice channels and use the leave command to stop it from following you.
!vote-skip Use this command to make a vote for users to skip a song in the queue
!start-quiz This command will start a music quiz on your server. While it might sound bizarre but it’s still worth a shot.
!levels Will direct you to the leaderboard of your server.
!rank Will give all the ranks
!rank Will give you rank and other details of a specific user
!give-xp or !remove-xp This command will give or take points from a user which will impact their ranking on the server
!birthday @username Will give you the birthday of a specific user
!next-birthday Will display the next 10 birthday’s coming up.
!remember-birthday This command will add your birthday to the birthday list
!set-user-birthday This command will add the user’s birthday to the birthday list.
!forget-birthday This command will remove your birthday from the birthday list
!unset-user-birthday This command will remove the user’s birthday from the birthday list.
!imgur Use this code to post the top meme on the keyword.
!youtube This command will enable you to play videos on the Discord server
!twitch This command will enable you to search and play twitch videos on the discord server
!clear (1-1000) Use this command to delete the said number of messages.
!slow-mode This command will stop add a buffer time and hence stop users from sending back-to-back messages. The command is very useful to control spamming on the server.
!voice-owner Use this command to identify the owner of all the voice channels
!voice-claim Use this command to get ownership of a temporary voice channel
!voice-clean Use this command to delete all the temporary voice channels that are inactive
!voice-limit This command will restrict the number of voice users.
!voice-transfer This command will transfer the ownership of a voice channel from one user to another.
!coins Use this code to know how many coins every user has.
!guess Users will have to use this code to play the Guess the number game. You only get 5 chances every day so use it wisely.
!daily Use this code to claim your daily rewards
!richest Use this code to know who is the richest user on the server
!rps Use this code to Rock Paper and Scissors and gain coins.


These were all the Mee6 commands you can use to manage your Discord server with ease.

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