Twitch: What is Founder Badge and How You Can Get It?

if you want a fancy Badge next to your name on Twitch then here is all you want to know about it.

Twitch is a streaming platform for all the gamers as we all know. Badges are just a fancy thing that streamers, as well as viewers, can add next to their names.

There are different types of badges on Twitch.

  • Founder Badge
  • Subscriber Badge
  • Twitch Prime Badge

Also, there are rare badges that are awarded for specific events.
Founder Badge is the most premier one. There are only for few channels and very few people who have this badge on Twitch. Want to know what this Founder Badge exactly is on twitch? Here is all about it.

How Can You Get Twitch Founder Badge?

Twitch: Badges

The Founder Badge is given to the first 10 subscribers of Twitch affiliates and its partner channels. There is also a chance that the first 25 subscribers can get it next to them. Once you get the badge you have to retain it.

The person/channel should be active on Twitch to keep that Founder badge next to their name. If the channel does not show any activity or they do not subscribe to the affiliated or partner channels this badge will automatically disappear.

Users also have the option to choose their badge. Users can decide whether they want to show their Subscription Badge or founder Badge.

Here is a step-wise guide to change the Badge.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on “Security and Privacy”
  • Scroll down and find the “Hide Founders badge” module.
  • Disable it to switch the Founder Badge.
  • And it’s done

Once users switch the badge, they will have a standard subscription badge for their channel. Though they can switch between standard and founder badges whenever they want.

That’s all about the fancy Twitch Founder Badge. Be in the top 25 Subscribers list of Twitch affiliated or partner channel subscriber list and get one next to your name as well. Read another article on How To Block Ads On Twitch.