How To Block Ads On Twitch In 2022?

Here is a quick stepwise guide to Block ads on Twitch.  

Imagine we are watching one of our favorite streamers and suddenly an ad starts running which will kill your whole mood of the stream. Ads are advantageous to both Twitch and the streamer. But they seem to be very annoying and irritating while watching a streamer.

To watch all your favorite streamers Ads-free goes through our article. It will tell you how to block those annoying ads of games or films in the easiest way.

What do Ads do on Twitch?

These annoying ads that pop up when you are watching something are actually the thing that helps the streamers to make money. Usually, the ads are about some new game or a film which is about to release. Still, if you are a cold-hearted person who does not like to or does not want to see ads on Twitch anymore here is a stepwise guide for you.

How To Block Ads on Twitch

There are plenty of both paid and free Adblock extensions available on the internet. The paid version comes up with some premium features but a free one will also do for the time being.

The easiest way to block ads on Twitch is by using Adblock extensions on your browser.

Follow the steps mentioned below to use AdBlock Plus- Adblock extension on your device.

Step1- Open your desired browser and type Adblock Plus in the search bar.

Step2- Click on the first link that appeared on the page and then click on ‘Get Adblock Plus for Chrome Tab’.

Step3- The new page will open where you will find the ‘Add Adblock Plus’ button on the top of the page.

Srep4- Click on the ‘Add Extension’ button to confirm your Adblock installation on your browser.

Step5- Restart your browser once and it’s done!

That’s all the information about How to block Ads on Twitch. If you find it helpful then read our article on Why Indiefoxx was banned For The Fourth Time From Twitch.