Here’s why indiefoxx banned for the fourth time from Twitch?

Read the entire article to find out why indiefoxx was banned from Twitch once again.

Do you like indie music, gaming, and lifestyle and avidly follow indiefoxx on Twitch? Then you should be aware that she is no stranger to breaking Twitch’s laws and regulations. She has recently earned her reputation as a controversial streamer, and she is certainly living up to it. Jenelle Dragas aka indiefoxx was suspended once again. Let’s see why indiefoxx was banned on Twitch.

Twitch Streamer indiefoxx Banned

Luckily for her, even though she was suspended for the fourth time, it was only for three days. Twitch took this step as a result of Jenelle not adhering to Twitch’s Terms of Use for donation feature. Indiefoxx was selling VIP status to fans who donated to her, which violated Twitch’s terms of service. Read the below image and you’ll know all.


The image was shared by her and it clearly states the reason for such a 3-day suspension.

Indiefoxx on Twitter: “I’m really confused? 3 days seems excessive? It’s not in the community guidelines. But uhh I didn’t do any of these? Maybe VIP for 100gifters but That isn’t against the ToS, VIP is not a mod, it’s a vanity badge dedicated to top donors? Based on this. I’m confused.”

This irritated her, and she fired back by offering VIP on her OnlyFans stream. “I will do all the banned things we can’t do on Twitch,” she said, adding, “Banned Bi**** Jacuzzi ExtravaganzAs*.”

Tomorrow Onlyfans Stream!! ? We’re doing a Banned Biki** Jacuzzi ExtravaganzA**??? I will do all the Banned things we can’t do on Twitch. Like give VIP lul. ?
Also save your Twitch Prime Subs while I’m gone. I’ll tweet here when I’m going live.

— Indiefoxx ? OF (@indiefoxxlive) April 7, 2021

Twitch also mentions that it has a three-strike penalty scheme. Since it was her fourth suspension, it should have been permanent, but luckily it was only for three days. However, based on how Twitch has anyway supported OnlyFans models and other streamers endorsing p**ographic content for reasons obvious to us.

This is everything you needed to know about indiefoxx being banned from Twitch. So, will Twitch forever prohibit her the next time she violates anything? It seems she’s not the only streamer, with Twitch Gone Wild in 2021.