Ramadan Top-Up Event: How To Get Gloo Wall and Sports Car Skins For Free

Here's a quick guide on how to get Gloo Wall and Sports Car skin in Free Fire for free.

Garena Free Fire has just added yet another event titled Ramadan Top Up, which will run from 11th May to 17th May 2021. The only reason why fans are quite excited to take part in this event is it is providing two rewards — Gloo Wall – Shamrock Explosion and Sports Car skin – Emerald Flash.

The event is finally live and thousands of fans have already participated in it and claimed these two amazing rewards. Do you want to participate in the Ramadan Top Up event? If yes then look no further as we have got you everything covered.

Ramadan Top-Up Event: How To Get Gloo Wall and Sports Car Skin

To participate in this event, fans will have to launch Free Fire and go to the event section. There, you see the Ramadan top-up event on the top left side of the screen. Before you proceed, let me tell you that you will have to spend at least 700 Diamonds to claim these rewards.

Yes, you read that right!. Garena is offering both Gloo Wall and Emerald Flash for free but for those who top up of 200 and 500 Diamonds.

To get Gloo Wall – Shamrock Explosion, FF players will have to top up of 200 Diamonds. When you do so, you will get an option to claim the reward. You simply need to tap on the Claim button to receive Gloo Wall.

Free FIre Gloo Wall Skin Guide

To get Sports Cars – Emerald Flash, you will have to top up of 500 Diamonds. Once done, you can claim the reward by tapping on the claim button.

Once you have successfully claimed these two rewards, you can equip them and use them in Free Fire.

Free Fire: How To Get Gloo Wall Skin Free

If you don’t have the required Diamonds in Free Fire but want to get the newly added Gloo Wall skin called Shamrock Explosion then you can obtain it free by following these simple steps:

  • There is a giveaway going on in Instagram account Raaj Gaming.
  • Currently, it has 7104 followers, you simply need to help it to reach 10K followers.

  • Once the follower’s count hits 10K, Raaj Gaming YouTube channel will provide Gloo Wall to 20 people for free.
  • If the given milestone is not achieved, he will only give the Gloo Wall skin to 5 people.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Gloo Wall for free in Free Fire.