Twitch Gone Wild 2022: Times When Streamers Crossed The Line

Streamers often violate Twitch Guidelines. In our article Twitch Gone Wild 2022, we will be mentioning times when streamers crossed the line.

Twitch is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms. The platform has a huge amount of streamers and a lot of which have gained huge popularity. There are many such streaming platforms on the internet out there, but Twitch is one such platform that caters to the gaming audience.

While many streamers rose up to huge popularity with their amazing content and video streaming style. There are some streamers who became popular for things apart from video content and gaming skills. These streamers can be seen repeatedly crossing the guidelines to gain more popularity. While some of these streamers do it for fun. In our article Twitch Gone Wild 2022, we will be mentioning times when streamers crossed the line and got banned for inappropriate behavior.

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Twitch Gone Wild: Times When Streamers Crossed The Line


Twitch guidelines are quite strict especially in cases of content like nudity of anything that can have a wrong impact. Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. She is also a cosplayer as well as an ASMR streamer. She is notorious for multiple bans on Twitch for inappropriate content. Her account has been banned on multiple occasions.

Recently she got banned from streaming on Twitch for flashing to the camera. Since Twitch does not tolerate such actions her account was immediately banned.  Over the years Amouranth has been seen going wild on Twitch with her content. And so she makes it in our list of Twitch Gone Wild 2022.

Joey Salads

If you are a fan of H3H3 production then you might be familiar with the name Joey Salads, He has been a part of many of their video. Joey is quite active on various platforms Twitch being one of them. He was banned on Twitch for violating community guidelines. In one of his videos, he took things a bit too far and was related to Self Harm.

He had one of his friends spray pepper in his eyes which alerted Twitch. His actions were deemed inappropriate and were later banned for posting self-harm videos. His actions on camera have earned him a position in our list of Twitch Gone Wild 2022.

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CinCinBear is quite popular for repeatedly getting into controversies on Twitch. Her actions have always made her the center of tons of issues and banning on Twitch. She was criticized for her opinions on people with issues related to mental health.

Her account has been banned multiple times for flashing in front of the camera. Once her account was banned by Twitch for telling her audience that she will pose nude if someone donated a million dollars. Later she explained it to be just a joke.


Mango is one of the most popular Super Smash Bros Melee streamers. He was also ranked in the top 5 for six years in a row. Unfortunately due to one of his videos he had to get banned for 7 days. By now it might have been very clear of how strict Twitch is about its guidelines.

Mango in one of his videos was drunk and ended up passing out while still streaming. Now Twitch does allow streamers to have alcohol while streaming but Mango who was too drunk did not fit the Twitch guidelines. And was later banned for passing out and collapsing on the floor drunk while streaming.

There are many instances when we have seen Twitch Gone Wild moments and these are just some of the worst instances when streamers crossed a line while streaming on Twitch.