Is ThopTv Banned In India?

ThopTV is a popular illegal streaming platform but recently many users aren't able to open it. Let's see if ThopTV is banned in India.

ThopTV is one of the most popular 3rd party apps to watch movies and TV shows for free. The USP of the ThopTV is that people can stream cricket, other sports, and other live content on it for free in real-time. Many people are complaining that ThopTV isn’t opening or crashing which leads to speculations that are ThopTV banned in India. Let’s see if ThopTV is banned in India or not?

Is ThopTV Banned In India?

ThopTV banned

Yes, using ThopTV is illegal in India and can lead to serious legal repercussions. Using an app to watch movies or stream sports illegally is illegal as per the Copyright protection Act of India can lead to fines and imprisonment.

ThopTv caught the attention because of how smooth the interface of the app is. Another plus point of ThopTV is how the movies and shows are immediately available on the app after its release.

Star Sports filed a huge lawsuit against ThopTV which lead to the removal of the app from the Google Play store. The lawsuit wasn’t a surprise given the growing popularity of ThopTV. Even though the app is not available on Playstore users can still download it by running a simple google search.

ThopTV Founder Arrested

Late night on 13th June Mumbai CyberCell arrested ThopTv  CEO Satish Venkateshwarlu from Hyderabad. The arrest puts the future of ThopTV in dark with no hope of the app being revived. As of now users are getting an error and the app isn’t starting.

ThopTv Not Opening

Recently many users have been facing issues starting ThopTv. This leads to many users thinking that the app might be taken down. We would like to inform users that the app isn’t down and all of you can click here to know how to fix the ThopTV error. In the fight against Plagiarism ThopTV seems to be one of the biggest enemies along with Telegram and other illegal websites.


We would urge users to consume Movies, shows, and Sports only through the official channels. Using these apps can lead to serious repercussions and also harm your system.

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