How To Fix Signal App Not Working Issue In 2022?

Here are multiple ways to resolve the Signal app not working issue this month.

Are you looking for ways to fix the Signal app not working? If your answer is YES then you are in the right place. There are tons of Signal users who are currently having issues when they launch the Signal app on their devices. The issue will soon be fixed as the devs are aware of the issue and they are trying their best to fix it as quickly as possible.

Irrespective of whether you are unable to open Signal on Android and iOS, we will provide you a bunch of ways that could fix the Signal not working issue in 2022. Before we explain how to fix this issue, let me tell you that this issue is not happening from your end. Yes, it is occurring from the server’s end.

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If you are facing the Signal app not working issue in 2022 then follow the below-mentioned steps to fix it right now.

How To Fix Signal Not Working Issue In 2022?

There are various reasons why users encounter errors on applications like Signal. If you continue to encounter errors on Signal then you must check out the following things.

Is Signal Server Down?

Signal Server Down

Whenever you are unable to open Signal on your phone or the application is not working for you,  the first and foremost thing that you must do is to check whether the server of the Signal app is down or not. To check Signal server status, you will have to visit the official social media handles of Signal or Downdetector.

Here’s what the devs have to say about the Signal not working issue:

When you go to the official Twitter handle of Signal, you will find whether the server is down or not because they keep updating information about the app on Twitter.

Notably, this is not the first time when the Signal’s server is down, earlier, it happened in January this year. The worst thing about this error is it restricts you send or receive a message on Signal.

Has Signal Blocked You?

If the server of Signal is not down but you are not allowed to send or receive messages on the app then you will have to run the application by using a VPN. If you don’t face any issue while using the app on VPN then you have not been blocked by Signal.

Check Your Internet Connection

Having a poor internet connection leads to numerous errors and this could be one of them. So, before you go to the next solution, make sure you have a reliable and fast internet connection to fix this issue. If you keep encountering this issue despite having a fast internet connection then restart the router and check if the error is fixed.

Uninstall Signal & Restart Your Phone

If you continue to face Signal not working issues on your phone, I advise you to uninstall the Signal app and restart your device. Once restarted, go to Google Play Store and download the latest version of Signal and run the application to check if the error remains or not.

Clear Cache & Update Signal App

When your application is not up to date, you are bound to face errors not only on Signal but on all applications you use on your phone. Before you update your Signal application via Google Play Store and Apple App Store, I strictly advise you to clear your app data and cache by going to the Settings>Apps and Notifications>Select Signal>Storage and Cache.

Once both data and cache are cleared, go to Play Store and App Store and update your Signal application. Once updated, launch it to see if the error remains.

If none of the above-mentioned methods helped you to fix the Signal app not working issue, you will have to wait until the server is up again. Once the server is up, you would not face any issues while using the Signal application.