What Does Malding Mean? All About The Twitch Slang

If you're tired of hearing the term Malding and don't know what it means, here is everything about it.

If you watch Twitch streams a lot, you must have seen a rise in the term Malding being spammed in the chats a lot. Malding is actually a term that has gained rapid popularity since 2019 and is now being used everywhere as a meme. It’s always the most unexpected things that turn into memes.

What does Malding Mean?

Malding actually is a mix of two words – Mad and Balding. The word is used as a joke in a state of rage. It means that you’re so angry that you’re losing hair and going bald. An example use of this would be when you’re losing in a Match of League of Legends and you say “Man, I’m so angry I’m Malding”.

What does Malding mean?

When and Where did the word Malding originate?

In 2019, the word became popular in a Twitch Streamer’s (Forsen) chat. He would spam, “so bad, so mad” which eventually turned into “so bald, so mald” and then the actual word came in. Even though it gained popularity then, it has been in the Urban dictionary since 2011. In 2019, Twitch streamer Nagzzz21 filed a trademark application for the word in the States. He even went ahead and purchased a domain called malding.com for $3,300. He later announced that he did all this as an inside joke. Nagzzz21 also said that he did not actually want people to stop using the word.

The word has even gained popularity on Reddit where people use it in Memes and become even more popular on twitch. This just proves that things, terms, and images can now just go viral without even actually meaning something. That’s how memes are created. We don’t expect the hype to die anytime soon. We hope we were able to explain what does malding means in this article. Check out this article on what does OmegaLUL means.