What Does OMEGALUL Means On Twitch?

Wanna know the full form and story behind OMEGALUL on Twitch then you are at right place.

If you have an account on Twitch and you watch different live streams then you must have happened to come across OMEGALUL word or emoji on one of your streams. Wondering what exactly OMEGALUL means and what is the story behind this word? Read this article till the end to know everything about OMEGALUL on Twitch.

OMEGALUL: Meaning, Story, And Everything

OMEGALUL on Twitch

Have you heard of or seen an emoji called LUL (Lame Uncomfortable Laugh) on Twitch? OMEGALUL is an upgraded version of it. Streamers or subscribers often use this word when they want to comment about something super funny, hilarious that they cannot explain in words.

This started with a famous Twitch Streamer John Bain”TotalBiscuit“. One photographer called ‘itsjustatank’ clicked Johns’s photo during an event in 2013. John started using as an emoticon for a cynical laugh on his account. When this was seen by the photographer he requested TotalBiscut to put it down.

Later in 2016, the illustrated version was uploaded by BetterTTV and Frankerfacez as one of the emojis on their store. The reason behind using the illustrated version is not to face the copyright issues gain. On 1st September 2017, Twitch finally announced that OMEGALUL is going to be released as an official Twitch Emoji globally.

So if you ever come across OMEGALUL during Twitch streams then remember it’s in the memory of late Twitch streamer John Bain “TotalBiscuit” which is used to address something super funny and super hilarious.

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