How To Fix Instagram Direct Messages (DM) Not Working Error In 2022?

Are you facing issues with Instagram DMs(Direct Message)? Here is how to fix the error.

Now and then, Instagram users complain about their DMs not working or being unable to see their direct messages. This gets frustrating for users as Direct Messages are possibly one of the most used features of Instagram.

There are several issues that Instagram users might face regarding different features of the app. There’s not just one but at least a good 5 glitches that happen with DMs. We have multiple solution options for you for different scenarios so you can fix your specific problem.

Instagram DMs: Types of Issues Faced by Users.

  • Unable to send Instagram Message
  • Instagram messages not showing
  • Your Instagram messages keep disappearing
  • You get a notification but no Instagram DM
  • Unable to accept messages from people
  • Unable to get Instagram Message notifications
  • Cannot delete an Instagram message
  • Instagram has recently updated

How to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working?

  • Update Instagram
    It’s possible that Instagram has come out with an update and you are using an older version of the app. Check the App Store or Google Play Store for any updates. Many times Instagram has put in a bug fix in the update or you’re just missing a new file that is needed for the DMs to work. Keeping your app updated will also help it run smoother and faster.
  • Re-Install Instagram 
    Again, this could be a case of a missing file in your app in order for Instagram DMs to work. Re-Installing apps work for almost everything and anything so this should fix your Instagram DMs error too. Simply head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and Uninstall the app first. Once it is deleted, tap on the Install button to download it again.
  • Check your Internet Connection
    This is a very basic solution but sometimes can be the answer to most problems. Make sure you are connected to the internet and the speed is enough for Instagram to be able to send and receive Direct Messages.
  • Update your Device Software
    If your Instagram is updated and the internet works but still you cannot use the DMs feature, your device might not be compatible with the current Instagram version. Go into your phone settings and check if you have a Software Update pending. If you do, update your phone and Instagram should work. If it still does not work, your phone might just not be fully compatible with Instagrams newest updates and features.

Other reasons Why your Instagram DMs are Not Working

  • The recipient has blocked you
    Check if the person you are sending the DM to has blocked you. This might be the reason if your Instagram is updated and so is your phone. You cannot send messages to a user that has blocked you.
  • You’re not following the recipient
    If you’re trying to DM someone and it isn’t going through, check if you follow them. Instagram has privacy settings where a user can set it so only followers can message them. Follow them before you try to message them in that case.
  • The Instagram server is down.
    Even though it does not happen a lot, it does happen. You can ask your friends if Instagram is working for them or even check Down Detector to see if Instagram servers are facing issues.
  • You are Soft Banned from Direct Messages
    Instagram has a limit to the number of DMs users can send in one day. The limit is 100 messages. Make sure you haven’t hit your daily limit and that you are not Soft banned.

If none of these solutions worked for you, contact Instagram directly and they will help you and respond to your problems.

Follow these steps to Contact Instagram!

  • Go to Instagram.
  • Click on the bottom right corner of the screen to go to your Profile.
  • Tap on the top left Options icon.
  • Select Settings and go to Help.
  • Choose the appropriate option from the list and describe your problem to Instagram and wait for their response!

These are some of the solutions we have for you to fix Instagram DMs not working error. The solutions should work 98% of the time as Instagram DMs Not Working is a pretty common issue. We hope the solutions were easy for you to follow and use. Want to download the reels from Instagram? Check out this guide!