Instagram Reels Video Download Guide For Android & iOS Users

Here are the easiest methods to download Instagram reels video to your devices for offline viewing.

What was once introduced as an alternative to TikTok has now become a worldwide sensation. Instagram reels video has us all hooked because once we start enjoying them, there’s no stopping. The 30 second short videos are either current trends, motivational quotations, finance advice, and almost anything and everything.

We sometimes come across reels that we feel like downloading to watch later offline. But there’s no such option available on Instagram. Luckily, I’ve worked out some ways through which you can download the Instagram reels video successfully. Let’s proceed.


Instagram Reels Video Download

I’m going to show you three different ways to download Instagram reels on your mobile or desktop. These include some hacks, official methods, and also taking the help of third-party tools and applications.


Official Method

Yes, I am aware that Instagram does not have such a feature, as I previously said. However, you can save reels on the app at any time. But this isn’t actually downloading, but rather saving the reels you want to watch later. Here’s how to save Insta reels and enjoy them later on.

  • Step 1: Open Instagram.
  • Step 2: Go to the Reels tab.


Instagram Reels Video Download

  • Step 3: Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram Reels Video Download


  • Step 4: Click on the save option.

Insta reels will now be saved. You can find them in your user profile’s saved tab.

Third-Party Apps/Tools

This approach allows you to download the Instagram reels video to your device and watch it later offline. There are several apps and tools that will do your job and they are 100% safe to use. The best-recommended ones are:

  • INS Video Downloader
  • Story saver for Instagram, insta story downloader on Android
  • Ingramer
  • InSaver App on iOS
  • Instadp

The steps for using these apps are given below, and they are, in general, similar for all apps.

  • Step 1: Install any of the above apps via Google PlayStore (InSaver via App Store for iOS)
  • Step 2: Allow the necessary permissions.
  • Step 3: Open Instagram and visit the reels section.
  • Step 4: Watch reels and if you want to save and click on the 3 dotted menu.
  • Step 5: Click on the copy link option and copy the link.
  • Step 6: Go to the third-party app you just installed.

(iOS users don’t need to follow the next steps. Once the link is copied open the InSaver and reels will appear automatically. Simply, click on the repost option and reels will be saved in your camera roll. That’s it for you guys!)

  • Step 8: Paste the URL in the top section.
  • Step 9: Video will get downloaded in that third-party app.
  • Step 10: Now, share the video either via Gmail or Whatsapp, or any other app.
  • Step 11: Download the video from the said app.

And reels will be saved in your phone gallery. That’s how you download Instagram reels video using other apps.INSTAGRAM-REELS-VIDEO-DOWNLOAD.jpg Note: InSaver is a paid app and charges 1,699 per year but they do provide a free trial for a week.


This is the legit hack that will do the trick with less hassle. The hack is available for both Android and iOS users and it is nothing but Screen Recording!! Let’s see how.

Android – Simply start the screen recording from the notification panel and go to the reels you want to save offline. Let the reel complete and stop the screen recording. Now open the recording on your device, edit, save, and you are done!

iOS – Go to the control panel, start the screen recording, and go to the reels you want to save offline. Let the reel complete and stop the screen recording. Now open the recording on your device, edit, save, and you are done!

These are some of the techniques to quickly download the Instagram reels video. Also, learn about the best 5 Instagram Story dimensions tricks.