How To Fix Discord Not Opening Error?

Discord is a communications app and many have been facing problems starting it recently. Let's see how fix Discord not opening issue.

Discord has become the go-to communications app for gamers from across the world. While youtube and twitch were just streaming platforms this combines the streaming and the communications genre.

While the app started as a communications app, gamers have been dominating the userbase making it more comfortable for gamers. With so many concurring users errors are bound to happen. Many users have been facing issues with opening the app. Let’s see how to fix the discord not opening error.

How To Fix Discord Not Opening Error?

discord opening fix
There can be many reasons why the Discord app is not opening, we’ll be covering all of them and what you can do to fix them.

Task Manager

This is a glorified version of the OG restart fix. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL together and that will show multiple options on the screen. The last one will be the task manager, select it and then choose the discord app under the working apps tab. After selecting Discord press the end task button and that will shut Discord. Try launching it again as this time it might open.


Press the Windows button and “R” together to open the Run dialogue box. Type “%appdata%” and it will open a tab with a list of apps, look for Discord, press right-click and delete it. This will clear Discord’s AppData and repeat the same process but type in “%localappdata%” to clear the app’s local AppData. A simpler way to clear AppData is by deleting and reinstalling the Discord app, users can try any of these.


Press the Windows button and R together to open the Run dialogue box. Type in SFC and press enter, this will run the Scannow command. The Scannow command will look for damaged files and repair them itself, this might take time so be patient. Once the process is done try restarting the app again this time it should start.

While these were some ways to fix the Discord not starting error, there are some other ways as well but these are the easiest and trusted as well.

That’s all for this one, do check out our article to know what to do if Discord is stuck on connecting.