The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Hidden Features (2022)

Find out all the cool options to enhance your experience.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a sleek and feature loaded device. There are a lot of features in the device that users might not even know about. However, Games Adda is here to disclose all the hidden features in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

So, read on below to maximize your iPhone experience.

What Are The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Hidden Features?


There are a lot of hidden features in this device. Here are some of the best hidden features that can improve the user experience by leaps and bounds.

ProRAW Camera

ProRAW Camera allow users to adjust the image settings without compromising on the image quality. There are a lot of settings that could bring down the image quality before like increasing the brightness or contrast on an image.  However, with the ProRAW Camera this is a thing of the past.

Back Tap

The Back Tap is a feature that allows users to link a command and activate it by double tapping the back of their phone. Users can take a screenshot or open an app through this feature. This can be done by following the steps given below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then click on the Accessibility option
  • Here, users can tap the Touch option and then select Back Tap
  • Users can assign whatever command they want to this feature now

Reading Modes

Users can also benefit from the various reading modes to make for more comfortable reading on the browser. This can be done by holding the AA option next to the URL. In addition, users can also change the device to dark mode or sepia as per their preference.

Face ID

Another feature that users can benefit from is multiple Face IDs. This is especially beneficial if more than one person uses the phone. Users can add Face IDs for their friends or family.

MagSafe Charging

Magsafe charging is quite convenient as it can work by attaching the charger to the back of the phone with a magnet. Users just need to click to start charging.

Camera and Microphone Use Signal

Users that want privacy when accessing apps on their iPhone 12 Pro Max will love this hidden feature. This indicates whenever the device’s camera or microphone are in use and if an app is using them without the permission of the user, they can easily get rid of it. Whenever the camera or the microphone are in  use a green dot light will be turned on the screen.

These are all the hidden iPhone 12 Pro Max features. For more tech content, check out How To Lock Apps On IPhone With A Password Or TouchID?