Google Place Finder Tool: What Is It & How To Use It?

Are you wondering what the Google Place Finder Tool is?

Google has many useful tools that can help users accomplish routine tasks easily. This involves apps like Google Maps to navigate, Google Drive for all storage needs, and even Google Pay for online transactions. Google Place Finder Tool is another such option that can be quite useful for those looking for a specific place or its Place ID.

Today, we will take a closer look at how users can make the best of the Google Place Finder Tool.

What Is The Google Place Finder Tool?


The Place Finder Tool allows users to find a place through its address and then it adds a marker for the place on the map. The place then has a Place ID in an info window. It can also be used to find a Google Place ID. While most of the times users can find a Google Place ID by using the Google Place ID tool, we will also discuss how to find the Google Place ID if that does not work.

How To Use Google Place Finder Tool?

To use this, users simply need to go to the Google Place ID Finder. Here, they can type in the address of the place for which they want to find the Place ID. For example, if users type in Empire State Building, New York this ID finder will show the Place ID (ChIJtcaxrqlZwokRfwmmibzPsTU) for it. If users are having trouble finding the Place ID this way, they can follow the steps below.

  • Go to the web browser and enter the address in the search bar.
  • Right-Click on the ‘Write a Review’ option on the right-hand side where the address is displayed after the search.
  • Click Inspect
  • Keep browsing till there is a data-pid value
  • This is the Google Place ID for the location

That is all about the Google Place Finder and how to use it. For more Tech articles, check out How To Fix Google Keyword Planner Not Working Issue?