Google Lens: How to Enable For PC (2022)

In this guide, we will explain how to use Google Lens on a computer

Google Lens is an innovative feature that lets users search what they see. It is a simple concept where users can search visually similar images and related content by using photos, camera or other images. The feature is relatively new and still being perfected. While Google Lens is downloadable for Android and iOS, PC users can also enable this feature easily.

Let us find out  how to do this.

How to Enable Google Lens For PC?


Google Lens can compare the pictures that users provide to other images around the internet.  Then ranking them on the basis of similarity and relevance, it provides users with similar visual results. The Lens feature can also use its AI understanding to give other relevant results to users.

Google Lens often generates several possible results for a given image. Then it ranks the relevance of each result in association with the image provided by the user. Sometimes, users may also get highly specific results depending on the nature of their query.

If users have an upgraded version of Chrome, using Google Lens is very simple. Users can follow the steps given below to enable Google Lens for PC on the latest version of Chrome.

Latest Version Of Chrome

  • Right-click on the image.
  • Browse down to the ‘Search Image with Google Lens’ option and click on it
  • Google Lens will now provide users with all relevant results associated with the specific picture

However, if users do not have an upgraded version of Chrome, the process of using Google Lens becomes a little more complicated.

Old Version Of Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type and enter chrome://flags in the search bar.
  • Browse for ;Search your screen using Google Lens.’
  • Click on Default and change to Enabled.
  • Restart Chrome.

This is how users can enable Google Lens on their PC. For similar tech content, check out How To Delete Google Search History On Phone: IPhone, Android, PC?