Best Google Assistant Settings You Should Know In 2023

These settings can help users find their phone, screen calls & more

There are several Google Assistant settings that can make life a lot easier for users in 2022. However, most users are not aware of all the different commands that can help them. To list only a few, Google Assistant can help users maintain their schedule, translate, get recommendations, or find the device.

So, let us take a look at the Google Assistant Settings users should know about in 2022.

Best Google Assistant Settings In 2022


While there are a lot of Google Assistant Settings that can help players, we have listed the ones that users must absolutely know about in 2022. These settings help users navigate everyday tasks like finding their phone, getting recommendations, booking tickets, or screening calls.

Find The Device

If users have misplaced their device, they can ask their Google Home speaker to locate the phone. However, the device should obviously be connected. This way users can find their device even if it is silent or on Do Not Disturb mode.

Screen Calls

This is another one of the nifty Google Assistant Settings that can come in handy for users going forward in 2022. If users have a Pixel 3 or high, the Google Assistant can screen unwanted calls from telemarketers or spammers. In addition, the latest Pixel devices also have an option where Assistant can answer calls for users. This way they can know if the call is important or if it can be ignored.

Read Web Pages

This Setting allows users to get Google Assistant to read a web page out loud. To do this, users just need to say “Hey Google, read it” or “Hi Google, read this page” when they have a web page open. Users can set the pace at which Google reads the text. In addition, players can also get Google to translate the page to another language.

Search Images

Users can also ask Google Assistant to search for images of a specific type. For example if users want to look at cat pictures, they can tell Google Assistant to search for cat images.


Not sure where to go out to eat or shop? Users can get recommendations from Google Assistant for it. Users can just search for options like restaurants near me or shopping center near me and Google Assistant will come up with the most valid suggestions. It is a great option as users can find everything from the address to the ratings for the place in the search results.

Book Movie Tickets

Google Assistant can also help users find showtimes for movies and book the show as per the users’ preference. This is a useful tool if users want to check out a popular movie and want to know whether there are still tickets available for it. They can check and book the movie according to their convenience instead of visiting the place first to find out what shows are availaable.

Thee are some of the best Google Assistant Settings users should know about in 2022. For more Google  guides, check out How To Remove Google Account Profile From Computer?