How To Fix Fitbit Versa Not Turning On Issue?

Many users aren't able to switch on their Fitbit Versa. Here are some solutions you can use to Fix the Fitbit Versa not turning on issue.

Fitbit Versa is one of the most popular Fitbit devices used across the globe. Being the leading Fitness watch people use it in harsh conditions as well. Even though the Fitbit versa is made in a way to handle such situations users sometimes encounter some issues like the Fitbit versa not turning on. Here are some of the solutions you use to fix the Fitbit versa not turning on issue.

How To Fix Fitbit Versa Not Switching On Issue

Fitbit Versa Battery Drained

People use Fitbit throughout the day, which means it is functioning for around 20hrs in a day. Many times the Fitbit Versa might get drained overnight which is why it won’t switch on in the morning. Connect a charger and try switching it on after 5 mins, this would fix the issue.

Fitbit Versa Battery or Charging Port Damaged

Given that Fitbit is used in harsh conditions so there might be a good chance that the device or its parts might get damaged. Users might put it on charge and then find the Fitbit versa not turning on, this would happen because the device was not charging. The problem might be with the charging port or the charger. Users should check the charger by using another Fitbit and check the Fitbit charging port by using another charger.

Factory Reset The Fitbit Versa

Sometimes the issue might be with Versa’s software. The only way to fix a software issue is by resetting the whole software. To do a factory reset all you have to do is hold all the three buttons of the Fitbit Versa. The Fitbit logo will appear on the screen and disappear which is when users have to release the bottom right button, hold on to the other two buttons. Hold onto the other two buttons until the Fitbit logo appears again, this is when you know that the Factory reset process has been completed. Unfortunately, you will lose all your data but this will surely fix any software-related issue.

Fitbit Support

This should be the first step in the plan of action if you encounter any issue with the Fitbit Versa. The Fitbit support is very helpful and responsive, sometimes users might find solutions in the community tab of the website also. If your Fitbit is under warranty it would get replaced. Click here to go to the Fitbit support page.

Restart Your Fitbit Versa

When nothing else works users can always resort to the OG restart trick. Long press the back and bottom buttons and you will see the device restarting. Release the buttons when you see the Fitbit logo and your device will restart in a few seconds. The restart trick is worth a shot and users should try it before anything else.

These were all the solutions you can try to fix your Fitbit when it refuses to switch on.

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