What is a Discord Kitten? (2022)

Do you know someone close to you that has or claims to be a Discord Kitten? Here is meaning that you need to know.

Have you heard the term Discord Kitten before? Neither had I till I actually searched for it. And let me tell you, it was not the cute little kitten sticker that I’d hoped for. Discord is a space where gamers go to chat. Many find other players that have similar interests as well. But this isn’t always a safe space for everyone. Here is everything that you need to know about the meaning of ‘Discord kitten’. As well as what to do if you know someone close to you that either has Discord kittens or is one.

What is the Meaning of  The ‘Discord Kitten’ Meme?

What is a Discord Kitten?

The Discord kitten meme refers to those Discord members that either call themselves kittens or look out for them. A kitten is usually a female user that gets Nitro in return for making her ‘Discord daddy’ happy which is usually an adult male. This could range from saying ‘uwu’ to much more. The meaning of Discord kitten sure is a weird one.

In this dynamic, the Discord daddy is the leader and the kitten is subservient to them. The leader can have more than one kitten in his litter and keeps them as long as they please him. This makes the Discord kitten and Daddy both a very creepy and toxic dynamic where there is one that is clearly above the other.

The nitro may be something cool to get but is it really worth the trouble? Being a kitten is more than a small deal and has monetary rewards as well as consequences. So for those of you that are thinking about it, had better think twice. Being a kitten is about the same as being a cyber sugar baby.

This was our guide on the meaning of Discord kitten. Remember to surf the net responsibly and use Discord for fun and games. Keep away from the weird side of the internet and you’ll be alright. For more Discord related content, check out this article on the best Discord emoji makers.