How To Check My Jio Number – 4 Ways to Find Out

In this article, we have shown 4 ways of checking out what is your registered Jio Mobile Number

Do you keep forgetting your Jio number? You’re recharging for the very first time, and you don’t know what your Jio number is? Browsing for the Jio number search codes but no luck? Then don’t fret, it’s common for people to be ignorant of such stuff. That’s why this blog is created to help people like you with all your Jio queries like how to check jio number, jio number check codes, and such others.

Jio Number Check Codes

  • Reliance Jio Number Check Code – Send SMS “Jio ” to 199
  • Complaints, Queries, and Requests (Using Other Number) -18008899999
  • Complaints, Queries, and Requests (Using only your Jio number) -198/199 (Toll-Free)
  • Jio Balance Check Code -*333#
  • Jio Number Check Code -*1#
  • Jio Number Check Email[email protected]

Different Ways To Check Your Jio Number

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1. Check Using Myjio Mobile App.

Step 1: Download the MyJio app from the Apple Store or Play Store.
Step 2: Log-in to your Myjio Account.
Step 3: You will see your registered mobile number in the My Account section of your Home Screen.

2. Send an SMS

Simply send a text message from your Jio phone number. To send an SMS type “MY PLAN” and send it to the number 199. You will quickly receive a text with your registered mobile number and your account information.

3. Call Customer Care

Call customer care at 198. Ask them for your Jio number. They will first verify your identity and then provide you with your Jio mobile number registered with them.

4. Call on Another Phone

This is perhaps the easiest way for how to check jio number.

How would you know if the card is still valid or activated?

What if you unexpectedly recall that you have an unused Jio card or come across one and intend to use it. Before wondering how to check the Jio number, it’s much more meaningful to learn if your Jio sim is active and your Jio number is correct. The best way to verify is to use your My Jio App. However, you can also contact Jio’s Customer Service Number and get your queries solved.

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