How To Get Pearls In Stardew Valley?

Pearl can be used to make the Bridal Veil in Stardew Valley. Here are multiple ways to get Pearls in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley will have you going around looking for a lot of items like the Pearl. Perls can be used to make a special hat called the Bridal Veil. The Pearl was introduced in the night market event but there are others also to get pearls. Here are all the ways to get pearls in Stardew Valley

Ways To Get Pearls In Stardew Valley

stardew valley pearl

  • The best way to get a pearl is from the Night Market festival. During the festival, players have to visit the Mermaid in the mermaid boat and watch her show to get the pearl. After the show, you will have to press the shells in the correct sequence to get the pearl. The correct sequence is 1-5-4-2-3. Press the shells in this sequence and you will get a pearl after the cut scene ends. The Night market festival is time-bound which is why not everyone could get the pearl, but there are other ways as well.
  • Another way of getting the Pearl is by filling the pond with crabs. After filling the pond with crabs visit Willy and interact with him and he will give you a pearl. Many players on Twitter and Reddit have claimed that you should fill the pond with blobfish instead of crabs. This won’t make a difference as what you fill the pond with doesn’t matter. You just have to fill the pond and then talk to Willy.
  • Players can get Pearls in the artifact troves as well. Here the process is fairly simple as all you have to do is give some Omni geodes to the dessert trader and he will give you a pearl. The difficult part here is getting the Omni geodes as they are very rare.
  • Players can also fish for the pearls. You should know that there is only a 0.4% chance of getting a pearl there. With such skewed chances, you should use the other methods to get pearls.

These were all the ways to get pearls in Stardew Valley, we would recommend you to get a pearl from a Willy as it is the easiest way among all.

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