Why Is Yo_Nanay Roblox Trending? (Explained)

Who is Yo_Nanay and why is the Minecraft and Roblox content creator trending?

Yo_Nanay Roblox is a Twitter user profile that was created in February 2022. Since then, this profile has gathered intense attention from other users on the site. The reason behind this interest is the content being posted by this profile. This user creates inappropriate videos around popular games like Roblox and Minecraft

. Yo_Nanay Roblox has a lot of views for their videos and the follower count for the profile is growing steadily. Currently, the profile has 25.4K followers. Recently, the profile gained attention after an unfortunate incidence.


Why Is Yo_Nanay Roblox In News?


The Twitter profile that has the name Iri_iri has been posting viral videos for Minecraft and Roblox Halloween. These videos are inappropriate in nature so naturally, they catch the attention of a large number of Twitter users. Now, the profile has come under view after a link from the profile was apparently shared on the Twitter account of a Quebec minister. This link led to a site that a site with a lot of not-safe-for-work content.


The situation has since been addressed by the Twitter account of the minister. A tweet regarding the situation was posted on Twitter. It said, “Due to a situation beyond our control, a link with inappropriate content was posted on our Twitter account. We are looking for the causes. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Who Is Yo_Nanay?

There is nothing known about the person behind the Yo_Nanay profile. The profile belongs to a person that chooses not to reveal their identity. Given the controversial nature of their original content, this decision to remain anonymous is quite understandable. The profile gives all the editing credits to another profile @platically.


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