What Happened To Twitch Streamer Ludwig?

Twitch Streamer Ludwig has been in the news in recent weeks. Find out what happened to him.

The main question today for the day has been what happened to Ludwig Twitch. A few hours ago Ludwig posted a video on his official Twitter that had the social media platform buzzing. Many YouTubers and fellow Twitch Streamers were quick to react to the video and the content mentioned in it. So, let’s find out what does this announcement actually entails for the Streamer.

What happened to Streamer Ludwig and why is he not on Twitch?

What Happened To Ludwig Twitch Streamer | Why Did He Leave Twitch?
Foreshadowing at its best.

In a landmark announcement, Ludwig has announced that he is leaving Twitch. In a funny video posted on his Twitter and YouTube, Ludwig made the announcement.

The announcement also shows the YouTube Gaming logo pop up at the end. This indicates that Ludwig has signed onto YouTube Gaming and will now continue streaming on the online video platform. To show the change in loyalty towards the platform, Ludwig posted a rather funny video for the same.

It starts with Ludwig and his friend driving along in a purple Volkswagen (Purple being Twitch’s official color). After a while, they park in an empty parking lot and keep the conversation going when suddenly the Purple Car blows up (get the cheekiness?). Next, Ludwig’s friend points to a similar Volkswagen model in red (YouTube’s official color).

What Happened To Ludwig Twitch Streamer | Why Did He Leave Twitch?

So, what’s happened here is that Ludwig has left Twitch for YouTube Gaming. At the end of the video, there is also a tongue-in-cheek comment about playing songs in the background, something that is banned on Twitch. Ludwig recently broke the record for the most Twitch subs ever surpassing even Ninja.

This is everything that you will need to know about What Happened To Twitch Streamer Ludwig. If you want to know about another upcoming Streamer, look at this guide about Wehoopinx Twitch and all his details.