Wehoopinx Twitch – Streamer Details, Subscriber Count, Life Details

Want to get to know Wehoopinx? Find out more about him in this guide!

Wondering about who the Twitch Streamer Wehoopinx is? This guide will tell you all that you need to know about this popular Esports player. Mentioned below are Wehoopinx’s details such as all available social media channels, subscriber count, and much more. So, scroll down and learn more about this popular TikTok star.

Who is Twitch Streamer Wehoopinx?

Wehoopinx Twitch - Streamer Details, Subscriber Count, Life Details

Personal Details

  • Real Name: Not Available
  • Occupation: Twitch Streamer, Professional Gamer
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthdate: January 5, 2002 (age 19)
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 5 ft. 8 (176cm) approx
  • Est. Net Worth: Not Available
  • Girlfriend/Partner: Not Available
  • Instagram Followers: 33,800 +
  • Twitter Followers: 1,600 +
  • Twitch Followers: 82,000 +
  • YouTube Subscribers: 17300 +
  • Sponsors: Not Avaialble
  • Twitch Link: twitch.tv/wehoopinx/videos
  • Instagram Link: instagram.com/wehoopinx
  • Twitter Link: twitter.com/wehoopinx
  • YouTube Link: wehoopin
  • TikTok: @wehoopin
  • TikTok Followers: 400,000 +

Call to Fame

Wehoopinx is a very popular TikTok content creator. This can be seen via the number of followers that he has on the platform. He is well known for the NFL-based content that he makes. The thing that sets Weehopin apart is the fact that he makes controversial sports-based content. Such stuff usually gets fans riled up which in turn boosts the reach of the particular creator.

To further capitalize on this content, Wehoopinx has his own Twitch channel. Over here he posts content related to Madden, Fortnite as well as MLB. Most of these videos are long-form content that stretches for a couple of hours at least. He also recently was the most viewed streamer for Madden NFL content, more than EA’s own official streaming page. Wehoopinx has the potential to reach the pinnacle of Esports and reaction videos, somewhat like FlightReacts. He is definitely one to watch.

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