Cloakzy Alt Twitch Account – FaZe Clan Member Second Alternate Account Details

This guide will give you all the details about Cloakzy's Alt Twitch Account.

We recently received confirmation that there is a Twitch Cloakzy Alt Account. This confirmation came via Cloakzy’s official Twitter handle while he was replying and talking to another Twitter User online. Cloakzy is one of the FaZe Clan members and a reputed Fortnite Player. So, scroll down and find out all that we could find out about his new Epic Account.

Cloakzy Alt Twitch Account Details

Cloakzy Alt Twitch Account - FaZe Clan Member Second Account Details

Cloakzy’s alt account on Epic is known as FaZe cLoak Alt. This was confirmed in a Skype conversation with a fan back in 2018. You will be able to add this account to your Epic Games account. However, since this is Cloakzy’s secondary account, you can expect it to be more of a testbed. So, not much content in general.

Cloakzy Life Details

Personal Info:

  • Real Name: Dennis Lepore
  • Occupation: Twitch Streamer, Professional Gamer
  • Birthdate: December 26, 1994 (age 26)
  • Height: 5 ft.10 (178cm)
  • Est. Net Worth: $1.2 Million
  • Girlfriend/Partner: Alexia Raye
  • Twitch Followers: 2,670,000 +
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1,26,000 +
  • Alt Account Details: FaZe cLoak Alt (Alt Twitch Epic Account)
  • Sponsors: Razer, Back 4 Blood
  • Insta:
  • Twitter:

Rise to fame

Cloakzy actually started out in 2015. However, he only hit a high point in 2017 with the launch of Fortnite. Ever since then he has steadily gained popularity and has been a success. He is also part of the famed FaZe Clan and is a Twitch Streamer. He is a Fortnite professional and earns mostly through his Twitch account and other sponsorships.

His friendship with another famous Streamer, Dr. Disrespect, is also well known. He was part of a tiny controversy/misunderstanding back in 2018.

This is everything that you will need to know about Cloakzy and his Alt Twitch Account. While you are here you can also have a look at our Fortnite Guides.