How To Unlock All Eggs In Atlantis In Roblox Mining Simulator 2

Want to unlock all the Eggs in Atlantis in Mining Simulator 2? Check this guide out.

Atlantis is one of the permanent areas in Roblox Mining Simulators 2. Precisely, it is the third permanent area in the game. In this area, you will find certain eggs you can hatch in order to get exclusive pets. These pets help you mine faster. Also, you can get coins after selling the objects you found in the depths of the ground in search of the eggs in Mining Simulator 2.

There is a Gacha in the game where you can hatch these eggs. And you would require coins to hatch these eggs in the Gacha. Well, in this guide, we have covered the ways you can hatch and unlock all the Eggs in Mining Simulator 2. Read along with this guide to learn more about hatching these eggs.

How to Hatch All Eggs in Atlantis in Roblox Mining Simulator 2?

Eggs in Mining Simulator 2

In Atlantis, there are 3 eggs you can hatch. Each egg has different pets in the game and their stats depend upon how easy it is to unlock the egg. These 3 Eggs are,

  • Coral Egg
  • Snorkel Egg
  • Royalty Egg

Coral Egg

Coral Egg is the easiest of the eggs in Mining Simulator 2 to come across and unlock. You will find this egg at the depth of 228 meters at Rocky’s Depth, the first outpost in the game. You will 25000 coins to hatch the Coral Egg. After hatching this egg several times, you will stand a 1.60% chance to summon the Giant Star Pet. Although it is a Legendary pet in the game, its stats are quite basic as it is the easiest pet to find.

Snorkel Egg

Snorkel Egg is the second egg you will come across. This egg can be found at the depth of 660 meters at the Sea Shell Shallows. From this Gacha, you will need 3.25 million coins to hatch this egg. In this egg, you can stand a 0.2% chance of summoning King Crab. King Crab pet is another Legendary pet with considerably better stats as it has quite a slim chance of getting in the Gacha.

Royalty Egg

Royalty Egg is the third egg in the game and can be obtained at the depth of 1092 meters under the ground. It is the most difficult egg to hatch and the most sought after too. Something special about this egg is that it contains one Secret pet and one Ancient pet apart from 3 Legendary pets.

Although the chances of getting these pets are beyond slim and you’d have to be lucky enough to get those. Also, keep in mind that the Royalty Egg is time-bound and can disappear soon enough. You require 65 million coins to hatch this egg in the Gacha.

Well, this is all you need to know about hatching and unlocking Eggs in Mining Simulator 2. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Best Roblox Games of all time.