Top 10 Most Played Roblox Games of All Time (2022)

Check out these top 10 best Roblox games available on the platform now.

Who doesn’t love a virtual fantasy world of their own? A place where you can experience an exciting new life, meet new people, and share your experiences. Roblox a community-hosted platform is one of the top gaming sites on the web. Revealing some of the most visited or played Roblox games, the platform says that each one has been played over a billion times by its users.

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These most played Roblox games are free to play and available in their virtual world. Amassing a large fanbase across all age groups 50% of its users play games with their friends. Some of the best Roblox games have over 26 billion visits. The platform enjoys a whopping 100 million monthly active users in 200 countries who spend countless hours creating and playing these games online.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Roblox Games Of All Time – 2022

MeepCity — 12.6 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

MeepCity being the first and one of the best Roblox games to ever hit a billion visits was released in 2016. Developed by a user called Alexnewtron, the game lets you play with millions of other MeepCity visitors. You can interact, play different games, customize your estate all the while earning coins. Roblox in its statement says that Alex still plays MeepCity to analyze and understand its popularity.

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He said, “We have a small team, but together, we design ideas and content based on how people play MeepCity. For example,  we saw how much players loved to roleplay in the pizza shack, so, we decided to add an ice cream parlour, and the community loved it.”

Jailbreak — 5.5 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Jailbreak which has been played over 3.1 billion times on Roblox is currently in its fourth season. In 2019, Bloxy Awards voted it as the “Game I’ve spent the most hours playing” by the Roblox community. The game is your ultimate raid or heist chase thriller. Jailbreak lets you be the cop and the criminal all at the same time. Its one of the best and exciting Roblox games to play with your friends. Choosing the role of a criminal means your goal will be to escape from prison, or you could be a cop preventing the criminal’s escape.

Alex Balfanz and the anonymous developer developed the game in early 2017. In an interview, the duo revealed how shocked they were to learn about Jailbreak’s immediate and lasting popularity. Users can play Jailbreak online on Roblox or extend their play to the physical world with Jailbreak toys and sets.

Adopt Me! — 26.7 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

There are some games that manage to earn instant popularity in the gaming circle. Then there are games like Adopt Me! which has had over 500,000 concurrent players at one time. This with the launch of its new feature release: adopting pets made it a groundbreaking 3.1 billion Roblox game of all time. What’s even more fascinating is that the game still has over 100,000 users at any given time playing together: adopting pets, designing their own homes, exploring Adoption Island, and more.

Adopt Me! creators Bethink (creative director) and NewFissy (tech director) have been regular Roblox users. In 2017, the duo experimented with Adopt Me! which became a quick success in 2017. Their idea was to encourage users to opt for adoption in the real world.

Royale High — 7 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Imagine a world where you get to dress up, show off, and meet new friends every day. Sounds like a perfect dream, right? That is exactly what life at Royale High is all about. The game lets you join tens of thousands of players, at any given time; exploring and sharing their lives with you. Royale High which has been played 7 billion times is created by Callmehbob. A self-described “girlie girl”, she is no less than a celebrity on Roblox with half a million followers and friends on Roblox.

Callmehbob started playing when she was about 12 and later decided to learn Roblox Studio in order to create a beautiful environment where she could dress up and role-play. Debuted in the year 2017, Royale High instantly became one of the best Roblox games with millions of users creating beautiful items for the world. The creator also believes that with Royale High people could be creating their own clothing lines and earn more currencies in the future.

Murder Mystery 2 — 7.2 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? But can you solve the mystery without getting killed? Created by Nikilis in 2014, Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most thrilling games on the Roblox platform. The game has been played over 2 billion times and enjoys a massive community fanbase globally.

Your role in the game is simple. Get yourself assigned: Innocents run and hide from the murderer, but also use their detective skills to expose the  Murderer; the Sheriff works with the Innocents as only they can take down the murderer; the murderer is just trying to eliminate everyone and not get shot by the sheriff. Sounds fun, right?

Nikilis who previously had some games on the platform shared how his experience on Murder Mystery 2 has been unlike any other.  The game’s interesting theme has made its one of the best Roblox games on the platform.

Work at a Pizza Place — 3.5 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Are you a pizza lover or are you into role-playing? Or is it both? If the answer to the questions is positive, then you have hit the jackpot. Work at a Pizza place, one of the most longstanding Roblox games gives you a chance to learn how to manage a pizza shop. The game is said to have inspired developers like Callmebob who considered it one of their top picks.

Launched in 2008, players get pizza orders to fulfil and make money to upgrade their shop. The longer you play,  the larger your house becomes, and you can populate it with more and more aesthetic additions like furniture, new floors, etc. You can switch between your roles in the pizza shop and learn various skills with this game. Work at Pizza Place has been played 3.5 billion times.

Developer Dued1 explained in a statement, “The idea for the game came to me when I was working as a grocery store bagger. Being a bag boy showed me the concept of an assembly line—someone would put the food on the shelf, then someone would scan the food, then the bagger gets the food in a bag.
I wanted to recreate that in a game.”

Welcome to Bloxburg — 5.4 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Did you also dream of enjoying adult life as a child? Well not anymore. Welcome to Bloxburg will make that dream a reality for you. Created in 2014 by Coeptus (alias)  Welcome to Bloxburg is a virtual world where you live and work choosing among several types of jobs available for you. Players use their earnings, build and design their house to enjoy life and explore the city of Bloxburg with new friends and partners.

Coeptus who had no actual development experience prior to this credits his love for computers and video games in making Welcome to Bloxburg. He also shared how the game gained popularity within a few weeks of its launch. Considered one of the best Roblox games of all time, Welcome to Bloxburg
enjoys a wide social media popularity, especially on YouTube. The game has been played 1.4 billion times.

Prison Life — 2 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Created in 2014 Prison Life is another highly popular game with an interesting prison theme to keep you engaged. The game won a Bloxy Award in 2016 for having the most mobile visitors and concurrents (at the time). The developer known as Aesthetical started his first year of college in 2017, and more recently announced a renewed focus on the game. This can ultimately mean new and exciting updates for fans of Prison Life on Roblox.

Flee the Facility — 2.8 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Another best Roblox game you can play is Flee the Facility that has been played over 1.1 billion times. This 2017 thriller quickly piqued users’ interest for its escape The Beast premise. Your goal? Hide or run away from the beast as fast as you can.

One player is a killer hunting down survivors, and other players are survivors who are running for their lives, having to collaborate in order to unlock the exits. The game’s creator MrWindy is a university student who is a game developing junkie. Flee the Facility has dedicated hundreds of thousands of community fans on Roblox.

Super Hero Tycoon — 1.7 billion plays

Best Roblox Games

Remember when the biggest dilemma of your life was to choose which superhero you want to be? Well not anymore. With Super Hero Tycoon you are the cape King/Queen of your own world. A game that lets you build your unsurmountable umpire, Super Hero Tycoon will make your dream a reality.

Developer Hiddo, who created this game in 2016, is from the Netherlands and has a popular YouTube channel with almost 200K subscribers. His YouTube channel features the game’s trailer, which has a whopping 1M views. This and the fact that Super Hero Tycoon has been played a billion times makes it one of the best Roblox games of all time.

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