Roblox: Top 5 Obbys You Can Definitely Try Your Hands On Right Now!

Here are the top 5 Obbys you should play right now.

There are about a thousand obbys to select from in Roblox. A lot of them are monotonous and are merely copies of the same obby over and over again making it hard for the good ones to make a mark.  There are, however, some stunningly brilliant obbys available to play if you can find them. Here are the top 5 Obbys you can play right now!

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Roblox: The Top 5 Obbys You Can Play in 2020

1. Minions Adventure Obby

Best Roblox Obbys

Minions Adventure Obby by Shovelware Studios finds a place on the list due to varied reasons. First is the sheer amount of effort that has gone into it. Not a standard obby and the production values on display are sky-high. This obby is mostly about speed and plays in a similar way to Sonic the Hedgehog games.  It’s a fast and furious affair broken up by cutscenes to flesh out the story.

2. Tower Of Hell

Best Roblox Obbys

Tower of Hell by YXCeptional Studios is also in this list as it upholds a new approach to the obby genre. The levels in Tower of Hell are periodically generated so each level is different. Added to this there is a time limit to complete each level before the whole thing collapses and a new level is generated.

The levels will challenge you every moment and frustrating as if you fall off you end up at the bottom of the tower with yourself back to square one.

3. Mega Fun Obby

Best Roblox Obbys

This one by Bloxtun has to be included because of the sheer scale of the thing. It’s more of a traditional obby but has2010 stages. If you’ve got the heart to play a mahoosive obby then Mega Fun Obby has you covered.

4. Obstacle Paradise

Best Roblox Obbys

Obstacle Paradise by I-C-T Studios is slightly different on the obby genre. Obstacle Paradise not only allows you to play other people’s obbys but you can also create yourself.  There are numerous objects to choose from and you can colour everything your own way to appear unique to you.

5. The Really Easy Obby

Best Roblox Obbys

Don’t go by the name, this isn’t a really easy obby. You will definitely like it as there has clearly been a lot of thought put into it. This is not your standard obby and of course there are multiple obstacles you have to face. It has a really nice relaxing feel which is exaggerated by the chilled-out soundtrack but don’t be fooled.

These are some of the best 5 obbys you can play in Robox. I hope, you liked this article and will check out at least one of the above-mentioned obbys. If you do check then please do let us know your thought in the comment section below.