A One Piece Game: How To Reset Fruit Or Devil Fruit

Here is how to Reset Fruit in AOPG.

AOPG is a popular RPG based on One Piece manga and anime. This game makes you feel like you are one of the Nakama. It has Gear transformations, Conqueror, Observation, and Armament Haki. And there are also fruits like Phoenix, Lightning, Operation, Magma, Ice, and more. And if you have one of these fruits but wish to reset it. Then check out this guide to learn how to Reset Fruit in A One Piece Game.

How to Reset Devil Fruit in A One Piece Game (AOPG)

Reset Fruit In AOPG

There are prominently two ways to reset fruits in AOPG. The first is an NPC method that will cost you some Beli, and the second is a codes method, which is free but time-sensitive. Now let us dive into it.

Reset Fruit With NPC

To begin the journey, first go to the Starter Island harbor. From there, go straight and pass Ice Island, then keep flying till you see Logue Town. It is a colorful town with many houses, Raids, business NPCs, and more. You can reach this location by taking a boat if you do not have flying skills.

Once you reach the town, go straight to the harbor and Set Spawn. Now turn around and keep walking till you see the stairs. Climb up and keep following the road, till you see an NPC, Business Man. Talk to the NPC and get your Devil Fruit reset for a cost of B$5,000,000.

The Business Man will offer to Investigate the fruit, in case you are looking for more details. But most of the time information he provides is of no use to players. So it is recommended not to use your money on this, and rather save it for more important things like fruits. On the same island, you will find an NPC Merchant that sells fruits.

Use Code and Reset

Here are all the codes you can use for resetting or gaining fruits in the game. These codes are time sensitive, so claim them before expiration.

  • FollowInsta163: Gives 1 Devil Fruit Reset

Here you learned how to Reset Fruit in the A Piece Game. Wondering how to obtain Conqueror Haki and get Sword in AOPG? Follow the above links.