A One Piece Game: How To Get A Sword

These are all the swords and ways to get them in AOPG.

AOPG is a popular RPG with adventure and action elements. It is based on the popular series One Piece. And has many interesting tasks, quests, skills, forms, and more adapted from the original series. You can use Haki, get Gear form and even obtain weapons like Outlaw Scythe. So check out this guide, if you are wondering how to get Sword in A One Piece Game.

How to Get Sword in A One Piece Game (AOPG)

Get Sword In AOPG
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The primary thing players need to know is here Scythe and some other melee weapons are also considered swords. And you can obtain these weapons from the First Sea, Second Sea, and Raid.

Shells Town – First Sea

Players can purchase three Swords from NPC Zoro of this town. Namely Suzaku, Kitetsu, and Mugenji. Suzaku performs Ittoryu and costs B$100,000, Kitetsu performs Nitoryu and costs B$700,000, and Mugenji performs Santoryu and costs B$5,000,000.

Skypiea and Marineford – First Sea

Skypiea is a sixth island and gives the Thunder Pole. You can get this weapon by defeating the Thunder God boss, but its drop rate is just five percent. The second location, Marineford, is a ninth island that can offer Bisento. You can obtain this sword by defeating the Whiteboard boss.

Ocean and Outlaw Isle – Second Sea

You can obtain Beast Hammer by defeating Sea Beast of the Ocean. And this weapon does AOE damage. Now the second weapon Outlaw Scythe is dropped by Outlaw General Inei of Outlaw Isle. Reality Tear, Daunting Silhouettes, and Cut are its three moves.

Raids – Logue Town

Logue Town is located near the Ice Island and has many Raids and Maze. There are six swords that players can obtain from six different raids.

  • Law Raid: Kikoku
  • Big Mom Raid: Napoleon
  • Easter Event Raid: Easter Edge
  • Fujitora Raid: Shikomizue
  • Shanks Raid: Gryphon
  • Mihawk raid: Yoru

These are all the ways of obtaining a Sword in A One Piece Game. Want to know how to get Conqueror’s Haki and upgrade Haki in AOPG? Then check out the above links.