Roblox Jailbreak: How To Trade

Here's how players can start trading with other players in Roblox Jailbreak.

Jailbreak is a Roblox game where players can choose to be police officers or criminals. While there is a lot of cool stuff to collect, players might want to trade their items with other players in Jailbreak. This article will explain how players can go about doing so.

How To Trade In Jailbreak?


The first thing players must do before they can start trading is to teleport to Trading Island. It is the only place in the game where players can trade in the game. Players cannot be arrested on this island and damage is disabled to promote fair trading. To access this island, players must enter the blue square on the ship at the Beach Town.

This will teleport players to the island where they can press E to trade with other players in Jailbreak. Once a player has offered a trade, the other player has a minute to accept the trade request. If the other player does not respond within this time, the trade will be declined automatically.

During a trade, players can select a maximum of 8 items from the items they own to offer others. Both parties will have to accept the trade twice to complete it.

The trade has to be fair to both parties or the trade system will decline the trade. This happens when players try to trade higher value items for that of a lower value. In such cases, players will receive a message stating “Unbalanced: Your side is too low/high”. This function has been put in place to avoid unfair trading in the game.

Players can trade almost all limited or non-limited items. However, there are a few exceptions. Players cannot trade items like cash, free vehicles, game passes, NASCAR, Free NASCAR, Chrome and the MCL36.

That is everything about how players can trade in Roblox Jailbreak. For more Roblox, check out Roblox Jailbreak: How To Get Keycard?