Roblox Jailbreak: How To Get Keycard

Roblox Jailbreak is a simulation RPG where players can use a keycard to unlock doors or rob banks.

Jailbreak is a cops and criminals RPG that is quite popular on the Roblox platform. Players can either choose to play as criminals or as cops. While criminals perform jailbreaks and robberies, the cops stop them from doing so and put them back in jail. Players looking to Jailbreak will need a keycard to do so.

This item can be used to open locked doors. It can also be used to access the Bank by Criminals. In this guide, we will explain how players can get a keycard in Roblox Jailbreak.

How To Get A Keycard In Roblox Jailbreak?


Players can either team up with their friends or go solo in their search  for a keycard. However, players can only team up with friends that are criminals and not cops. Once players are ready, they can follow one of the methods given below to get a  keycard in the game.

Cargo Plane Crate

  • First, players must escape prison and choose the criminal path.
  • now, players must go to the airport. They need to be near the cargo plane robbery.
  • Players that don’t have the boss Game pass will need to wait for the plane’s landing.
  • Once the plane comes down to collect the crates, players will have to hop onboard.
  • Now, players must start the robbery.
  • Players will need a keycard to use the lever. They can inspect crates on the plane for it.
  • Once players have a keycard, they can use it to get out. However, if players do not get a keycard they can keep searching but they cannot collect two crates. This is why it might take a few tries before players are able to get a keycard this way. Luckily, players can attempt this as many times as needed.

Pickpocketing Cops

Players can also pickpocket police officers to get a keycard. However, police will chase after players who pickpocketed them. It is possible to evade the police but players will have to put some distance in between so they are no longer visible to the police. Once players are out of sight, they can use many tricks to escape the police’s notice.

Dead Police Officer

Players can also pick up a keycard from a dead police officer.

Once players have a keycard they can also rob a bank. This is why the keycard is much sought after in Roblox Jailbreak. For more Roblox, check out Roblox Jailbreak: How To Level Up?