Roblox Hot Wheels Racing Codes (November 2022)

Here's a complete list of Hot Wheels Racing codes and what rewards that offer when redeemed:

Our list of Roblox Hot Wheels Racing is the most updated one and it contains all the latest and working codes that you can redeem in August 2021. Created in September last year, it has become massively popular among Roblox lovers.

There are numerous reasons behind its surging popularity and one of them is its wide map. Hot Wheels Racing has you taking the driver’s seat and explore the huge map of the game and complete quests, perform stunts, and race around legendary vehicles.  Before we provide a list of active and working codes, let me tell you a bit about the game.

About Roblox Hot Wheels Racing

As we have mentioned above, this game is all about taking the driver’s seat and explore the wide map of the game, hang out with friends and take part in races. If you want to progress in the game, you will have to gather Hot Wheels cars and upgrade and customize your ride. To get new vehicles unlocked, you will have to complete some in-game quests.

If you are having trouble completing quests to get new vehicles unlocked then don’t worry, we have a couple of codes that can get you new vehicles for free.

Here Are All Roblox Hot Wheels Racing Codes – November 2022

It has not been a year since Hot Wheels Racing launched on Roblox but it has already been visited by almost 10 million users. At the time of writing this post, the game has 2K concurrent users, showing the popularity of the game.

There are thousands of players who have been looking for Hot Wheels Racing codes but finding the latest and working codes is not easy. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of all codes that can be redeemed in August 2021.

Active Codes

Here’s a complete list of active codes and their rewards:

  • 35K – Redeem this code to get a 5 Alarm Monster Truck.
  • 25K – Redeem this code to get a Hi-Tech Missile in Red Color.
  • PRESTUNTS – Redeem this code to get a free Paint.

There are only two active codes available at the moment. As soon as more codes become available, we will update this list.

Expired Codes

The following code has been expired and can’t be redeemed right now.


How Do I Redeem Codes In Hot Wheels Racing?

It is straightforward to redeem codes in Roblox Hot Wheels Racing. However, if you have codes but don’t know how to redeem them then follow the given steps.

Roblox Hot Wheels Racing Codes

  • Click on the Menu
  • Click on the Codes option.

Roblox Hot Wheels Racing Codes

  • Input working code into the Enter Code area and click on the Redeem button.
  • If the code is valid, you will get rewards.

Who Gives The Codes?

It is either the developer or creator who releases new Hot Wheels Racing codes on their social media handles. Apart from creators, there are some streamers and popular players who drop new codes during their live sessions.

Apart from them, there are numerous spammy code generator sites out there that claim to have new codes. I advise you to stay away from those sites or else you will end up getting your Roblox account suspended.

How Do I Get More Codes?

The best and easiest way to get your hands on Roblox Hot Wheels Racing codes is to follow the developer on social media  — Discord, Twitch, and Twitter. If you don’t spend much time on social media and don’t want to follow them then visit this page frequently because we will keep you informed about new codes when they become available.

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