Anime Mania Roblox Tier List (November 2022)

The Anime Mania tier list will help to determine which hero to choose in the game

With too many options to choose from, each with their own set of skills and playstyle, deciding which heroes would fit better for you in any given situation can be pretty overwhelming. To make things easier and save yourself time & effort, refer to the below Anime Mania tier list. This will give you a good picture of each character, and you’ll be able to figure out which three heroes will form the most powerful unit.

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Anime Mania Characters – 2022

There are a few points that need to be clarified before beginning the tier list for this popular Roblox RPG title.

  • It is essential to unlock & upgrade the strongest heroes in the game only then you can defeat the waves of monsters & complete hard challenges.
  • Wise choice makes you progress much faster in the game.
  • The characters are divided into four grades namely, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon & Common.
  • The highest & rarest grade is the Legendary, followed by Rare, Uncommon & finally Common.
  • The highest grade means the lesser probability of scoring the character & vice-versa.
  • These characters can be acquired through Roll, Gacha, or Summon at the cost of gems.
  • If you are short of gems then take the help of the Anime Mania Codes & earn free gems & other rewards.

Anime Mania Tier List

Finally, here is the ultimate Anime Mania tier list, with S representing the most powerful heroes and D representing the least powerful heroes.

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Heroes from tier S and tier A should be the first preference. If there is no other choice, tier B is the best option. Tier C heroes can only be included in extreme situations, and tier D heroes should be ignored.

Hero Rank Rarity
Awakened Hitachi S Legendary
Hawkme S Legendary
Masta S Legendary
Mudra S Legendary
Nil S Legendary
Nojo S Legendary
Trolly S Legendary
White Bear S Legendary
Zarkk S Legendary
DEUS A Legendary
Hanks A Legendary
Kentachi A Legendary
Minatoes A Legendary
Pisuke A Legendary
Tamamoto A Legendary
Lace B Legendary
Akita B Rare
Concentrated Maruto B Rare
Future Hogan B Rare
Grimmjoe B Rare
Hitachi B Rare
Lad Unhinged B Rare
Tangerine B Rare
Visorded Echigo B Rare
Zyakura B Rare
Teen Sakaki B Uncommon
Cold Fire C Rare
Coolnareff C Rare
Joesuke C Rare
Komodura C Rare
Melidass C Rare
Tojaro Pujo C Rare
Bantai Echigo C Uncommon
Cog 2 Fuffly C Uncommon
Deku C Uncommon
Teen Maruto C Uncommon
Tukia C Uncommon
Zolo C Uncommon
Son Monkey C Common
Godalomia D Uncommon
Echigo D Common
Fuffly D Common
Kid Maruto D Common
Kid Sakaki D Common
Lad D Common
Puryuu D Common
Tanji D Common
Trashura D Common
Wami D Common

That’s the Anime Mania tier list for you to make the right character selection. You would also like to check other game’s tier lists here.