The Alchemist Code Tier List (2023)- All Best Characters Ranked

Here's the ultimate tier list of The Alchemist Code.

Do you like to play this classic 3D RPG game as well? After all, why wouldn’t you when it has a great character roster, interactive visuals, plenty of content, and everything else a real-time strategy game needs? The Alchemist Code is a turn-based game in which you must recruit the strongest team possible in order to win the most difficult battles.

I’ve put together The Alchemist Code tier list to help you make the wise call.

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The Alchemist Code Tier List – 2023

You must be familiar with the game’s existing meta and have a good idea of where each hero stands in order to create a formidable team. With this in mind, I’ve created the ultimate Alchemist Code tier list below, which ranks from Tier S (most powerful) to Tier D (least powerful) and Tier F (worthless).

S Tier Characters In The Alchemist Code

Unit Element Available Jobs (Base)
Asuka Fire Noble Vanguard, Valkyrie, Holy Cavalier
Fuu Fire Fire Sprite, Blacksmith, Blademaster
Lisanaut Fire Shackled Axe, Warrior, Holy Brawler
Chihaya Fire Dancer, Samurai, Chronomancer
Adaleigh Fire Engineering Alchemist, Warrior, Blacksmith
Mira Fire Intemporal Alchemist, Enchanter, Battle Mage
Cadanova Fire Dragon Slayer, Dragon Knight, Flame Dragon King
Icona Fire Magic Mecha Engineer, Professor, Machinist
Gilfred Fire Sacred Knight, Battle Mage, Dark Cavalier
Rochelle Fire Raging Fire Barbados, Holy Cavalier, Holy Brawler
Noah Fire Battle Mage, Chemist, Pirate
Pamela Fire Pyro Meister, Bishop, Priestess
Eins Water Dragonbane Master, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
Emrys Water Alchemia Scholar, Sage, Battle Mage
Dark Mira Water Intemporal Sorcerer of Sloth, Shadow Assassin, Summoner
Voda Water Water Sprite, Priestess, Dancer
Yauras Water Twin-Blade Knight, Martial Artist, Twin-Blade Swordsman
Julia Water Pure Water Vanguard, Blademaster, Necromancer
Ravina Water Magia Gunslinger, Thief, Dark Cavalier
Letitia Water Aqua Meister, Merchant, Sacred Knight
Eira Water Child of the Woods, Wild Beast Tamer, Dark Cavalier
Dark Longinus Water Dark Lance Princess, Sacred Spearman, Spy
Ankh Water Pure Water Gun Spearman, Pirate, Dark Cavalier
Lisbeth Water Apprentice Witch, Witch, Snow Witch
Dark Nyx Wind Chronometric Sorcerer of Sloth, Sage, Necromancer
Red VI Wind Bloodreaver, Warrior, Holy Brawler
Tamis Wind Wind Priestess of Alize, Dancer, Chronomancer
Macherie Wind Shrine Monarch, Wild Beast Tamer, Professor
Eulalia Wind Forest Specter Alchemist, Spy, Sniper
Leafah Wind Zephyr Meister, Bard, Professor
Natalie Wind Professor, Bishop, Battle Mage
Leoniaz Wind Sacred Spearman, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
Rahu Wind Chronomancer, Bishop, Enchanter
Gerald Thunder Thunder Gun Spearman, Holy Brawler, Dragon Cavalier
Judith Thunder Mecha Weapon Technician, Dark Cavalier, Machinist
Corvus Thunder Shadow Assassin, Blademaster, Dark Cavalier
Cassius Thunder Hidden Beast Emperor, Valkyrie, Sacred Spearman
Dark Julia Thunder Gluttonous Vanguard, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
Nyx Thunder Chronometric Alchemist, Summoner, Enchanter
Lilith Thunder Godslayer, Shadow Assassin, Spy
Dark Othima Thunder Phantom Master of Greed, Merchant, Battle Mage
Vier Thunder Phantom Artist, Chronomancer, Summoner
Tiferet Light Archangel, Magia Gunslinger, Battle Mage
Raphtalia Light Sword of the Shield Hero, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
Blair Light Artificer, Machinist, Sniper
Spica Light Warrior, Thief, Dragon Cavalier
Emmel Light Purifying Alchemist, Bishop, Summoner
Cheryl Light Holy Hierophant, Wild Beast Tamer, Magic Meister
Nina Light Summoner, Battle Mage, Magic Meister
Neica Light Battle Mage, Magic Swordsman, Sage
Logi Light Soldier, Holy Knight, Honorable Blue Swordsman
Hisham Light Geomancer, Crafter, Pirate
Nero Dark Destroyer of Darkness, Merchant, Battle Mage
Sol Dark Truthsayer, Magic Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
Dark Zein Dark Lord Commander of Pride, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Zheng Yi Dark Noble Scion, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Eliza Dark Imperious Queen, Magic Meister, Summoner
Naofumi Iwatani Dark Shield Hero, Wild Beast Tamer, Merchant
Lil’ Ouroboros Dark Continental Observer, Sage, Abyss Gazer
Zahar Dark Dark Knight, Dragon Knight, Dark Cavalier
Ikasa Dark Secret Knight, Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier

A Tier Characters In The Alchemist Code

Unit Element Available Jobs (Base)
Lupinus Fire Summoner, Chronomancer, Sage
Morrigan Fire Lady of Cinders, Summoner, Battle Mage
Arthur Fire Truthseeking Hero, Holy Brawler, Holy Cavalier
Courage Fire Sniper, Crafter, Dark Knight
Don Taras Fire Don of Little Heaven, Warrior, Holy Cavalier
Miuna Fire Master Blacksmith, Thief, Holy Cavalier
Daisy Fire Sacred Spearman, Crafter, Holy Brawler
Carla Fire Raging Fire Rakshasa, Valkyrie, Necromancer
Hazel Fire Machinist, Magic Swordsman, Ranger
Ila Fire Magic Meister, Ninja, Magic Gunslinger
Emma Fire Diviner, Enchanter, Astrologer
Dark Setsuna Fire Envious Blademaster, Holy Brawler, Spy
Fury Fire Curse Cannon Master, Professor, Shadow Assassin
Dark Masamune Fire Dark-steel Princess, Dark Cavalier, Berserker
Reimei Fire Ninja, Martial Artist, Samurai
Evelika Water Impinging Blade, Warrior, Ninja
Lofia Water Magic Swordsman, Enchanter, Chronomancer
Longinus Water Sacred Spearman, Dark Knight, Dragon Cavalier
Merlinus Water Disingenuous Hero, Bard, Dark Cavalier
Melty Melromarc Water Second Princess Melromarc, Sage, Chronomancer
Soren Water Divine Speaker
Lamia Water Spearman, Holy Knight, Dragon Knight
Selena Water Ice Swordsman, Magic Swordsman, Ice Princess
Minario Water Pure Water Gall Shooter, Ranger, Spy
Alaia Water Pure Water Gall Shooter, Ranger, Spy
Shayna Water Holy Brawler, Dragon Knight, Chronomancer
Gino Water Pure Water Rakshasa, Spy, Bridegroom
Acht Wind 7 Tactics Master, Valkyrie, Ninja
Setsuna Wind Envious Blademaster, Holy Brawler, Spy
Nefertiti Wind Sage, Battle Mage, Diviner
Zwei Wind Beast Shadow Master, Bard, Battle Mage
Balt Wind Twin-Blade Swordsman, Thief, Dark Cavalier
Tamamo Wind Shrine Maiden, Mage, Ranger
Scheherezade Wind Sage, Dancer, Magic Swordsman
Shion Wind Noble Emissary, Merchant, Shadow Assassin
Seida Wind Venom Archer, Hunter, Ninja
King Wind Grizzly Sin, Martial Master, Sage
Mocca Wind Alize Wind Lancer, Valkyrie, Dragon Cavalier
Dark Parashu Wind Dark-Axe Princess, Holy Cavalier, Spy
Dark Artemis Wind Dark-Archer Princess, Sniper, Magic Meister
Lucian Wind Beast Tamer, Martial Artist, Holy Brawler
Patty Wind Bard, Dancer, Enchanter
Dark Freikugel Thunder Dark-Gun Princess, Magia Gunslinger, Battle Mage
Roxanne Thunder Shadow Broker, Machinist, Spy
Drei Thunder Florid Mortician, Ninja, Magic Meister
Orion Thunder Lion Monarch, Sacred Spearman, Warrior
Lucia Thunder Magic Meister, Beast Tamer, Dark Cavalier
Ange Thunder Bard, Priest, Dancer
Lotiyah Thunder Wild Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Holy Brawler
Teona Thunder Valkyrie, Dragon Knight, Holy Cavalier
Rebecca Thunder Mage, Magic Meister, Diviner
Edgar Thunder Gunner, Drifter, Hard-Boiled Man
Dark Laevateinn Thunder Dark-Edge Princess, Twin-Blade Swordsman , Dark Cavalier
Fujika Thunder Chronomancer, Enchanter, Battle Mage
Alma Light Magic Martial Artist, Chronomancer, Shadow Assassin
Siegfried Light Wandering Swordsman, Holy Brawler, Magic Swordsman
Dark Tyrfing Light Dark-Blade Princess, Dragon Knight, Warrior
Mielikki Light Enchanter, Mage, Bishop
Su Yi Light Sea Buster, Blacksmith, Necromancer
Tyrfing Light Soldier, Holy Knight, Holy Cavalier
Hange Light Scout Member, Wild Beast Tamer, Merchant
Ambrosia Dark Everlasting Witch, Chronomancer, Summoner
Lunaris Dark Dark Curse, Valkyrie, Necromancer
Basheeny Dark Mobile Knight, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Holy Brawler
Meliodas Dark Dragon Sin, Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier
Levi Dark Scout Member, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Blademaster
Dark Chloe Dark ‎Scarlet Flame War Princess of Wrath, Holy Cavalier, Berserker
Dark Zain Dark Lord Commander of Pride, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Rosa Dark Dark Knight, Dragon Cavalier, Ninja

B Tier Characters In The Alchemist Code

Unit Element Available Jobs (Base)
Sakura Fire Blademaster, Ninja, Warrior
Kamui Fire Holy Brawler, Spiritbonder
Masamune Fire Samurai, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Vettel Fire Magic Swordsman, Holy Cavalier, Samurai
Vargas Fire Soldier, Pyromancer, Great Pyromancer
Ban Fire Fox Sin, Holy Cavalier, Warrior
Melda Fire Beast Tamer, Thief, Samurai
Shekinah Fire Ranger, Hunter, Holy Brawler
Creto Fire Spy, Shadow Assassin, Dragon Cavalier
Liu Shen Fire Flaming Gun Spearman, Blacksmith, Holy Cavalier
Arkil Fire Thief, Beast Tamer, Magic Swordsman
Eren Fire Scout Member, Warrior, Necromancer
Zangetsu Fire Samurai, Martial Artist, Dragon Cavalier
Eve Fire Bride, Chronomancer, Holy Brawler
Dorothea Fire Necromancer, Magic Swordsman, Warrior
Diane Water Serpent Sin, Holy Brawler, Warrior
Zehn Water Blade Swordmaster, Blacksmith, Blademaster
Itsuki Water Spy, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
Elizabeth Water Professor, Chronomancer, Bishop
Forcas Water Valkyrie, Spearman, Holy Brawler
Ren Water Pure Water’s Flashing Sword, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Spy
Fung Liu Water Mage, Sage, Enchanter
Sophia Water Astrologer, Bishop, Enchanter
Kevin Water Battle Mage, Ninja, Telekinetic Artist
Shenmei Water Pirate, Thief, Crafter
Almace Water Eradicator, Bishop, Magic Meister
Ennis Water Priest, Chemist, Dancer
Mikasa Water Scout Member, Warrior, Berserker
D’Artagnan Water Sacred Spearman, Ninja, Valkyrie
Othima Water Phantom Master, Enchanter, Sage
Dancer Shenmei Water Dancer, Merchant, Gunner
Fayrene Wind Necromancer, Dancer, Samurai
Artemis Wind Ranger, Dancer, Machinist
Parashu Wind Berserker, Samurai, Warrior
Uzuma Wind Telekinetic Artist, Shrine Maiden, Magia Gunslinger
Wilhelm Wind Fresh Wind Trickster, Ninja, Magic Meister
Suiran Wind Blacksmith, Beast Tamer, Machinist
Bashosen Wind Machinist, Ninja, Sniper
Hayate Wind Hunter, Martial Artist, Ninja
Cita Wind Warrior, Martial Artist, Pirate
Izayoi Wind Wild Beast Tamer, Samurai, Holy Cavalier
Ramses Wind Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier, Thief
Lizardman Wind Lizardman, Hunter, Warrior
Celine Wind Mage, Bishop, Chronomancer
Hiiragi Wind Wintry Kunoichi, Ranger, Spy
Magnus Thunder Gunner, Machinist, Ninja
Yna Ku Thunder Crafty Alchemist, Holy Brawler, Berserker
Laevateinn Thunder Dark Knight, Ninja, Dark Cavalier
Zofia Thunder Necromancer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Caris Thunder Gunner, Crafter, Sniper
Blitz Thunder Telekinetic Artist, Spy, Dark Cavalier
Yuri Thunder Blademaster, Ninja, Machinist
Eizan Thunder Blacksmith, Samurai, Holy Brawler
Mei Fang Thunder Martial Master, Thief, Dark Cavalier
Vanekis Thunder Thief, Mage, Enchanter
Megistos Thunder Crafter, Bishop, Gunner
Deneb Thunder Astrologer, Crafter, Magic Swordsman
Protector Light Protector, Beast Tamer, Valkyrie
Ryle Light Ranger, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Beast Tamer
Won Light Spy, Martial Artist, Pirate
Gowther Light Goat Sin, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
Carol Light Machinist, Hunter, Merchant
Freed Light Soldier, Martial Artist, Dragon Knight
Eros Light Ranger, Thief, Sniper
Bud Light Blue Glare Knight, Blademaster, Holy Cavalier
Fairily Light Diviner, Shrine Maiden, Merchant
Zain Light Lord Commander, Magic Swordsman, Holy Cavalier
Fraise Light Bridegroom, Samurai, Holy Cavalier
Aisha Light Magic Meister, Sage, Shadow Assassin
Waginau Light Corrupter of Souls, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Manipulator of Souls
Anastasia Dark Dark Knight, Crafter, Dark Cavalier
Kudanstein Dark Demonic Spearman, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
Glanz Dark Ninja, Dark Cavalier, Samurai
Priscilla Dark Sacred Spearman, Samurai, Spy
Reido Dark Magic Meister, Magic Swordsman, Sage
Hozuki Dark Professor, Bard, Telekinetic Artist
Mirianne Dark Necromancer, Dark Knight, Merchant
Albea Dark Machinist, Thief, Sniper
Aswald Dark Shadow Assassin, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Gunner
Jin Dark Spy, Samurai, Warrior
Dark Princess Yomi Dark Ranger, Samurai, Merchant
Bertha Dark Boom Technician, Crafter, Ranger

C Tier Characters In The Alchemist Code

Unit Element Available Jobs (Base)
Ines Fire Priestess, Bard, Sage
Vivi Fire Magia Gunslinger, Gunner, Sage
Lambert Fire Soldier, Thief, Holy Knight
Strie Fire Thief, Gunner, Magic Swordsman
Veloz Fire Crafter, Thief, Bridegroom
Jake Fire Mage, Bard, Chemist
Ciel Fire Thief, Shrine Maiden, Bishop
Yuto Fire Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Warrior
Richie Fire Soldier, Hunter, Crafter
Alyu Fire Bard, Bishop, Chemist
Tethys Water Martial Master, Ninja, Necromancer
Elaine Water Hunter, Thief, Gunner
Chat Noir Water Shadow Assassin, Thief, Dark Cavalier
Mikoto Water Priestess, Ninja, Valkyrie
Chiruru Water Astrologer, Bard, Sage
Mizuchi Water Hunter, Thief, Ninja
Strauss Water Hunter, Crafter, Gunner
Reagan Water Chemist, Sniper, Chronomancer
Elrike Water Thief, Bard, Merchant
Yunagi Water Dark Cavalier, Ninja, Warrior
Amane Water Blademaster, Blade Fox Corps
Michael Water Mage, Chemist, Chronomancer
Annika Water Geomancer, Chronomancer, Dark Cavalier
Rin (Disgaea) Water Netherworld Archer, Hunter, Felynn
Alexis Water Priest, Hunter, Bishop
Silma Wind Martial Master, Martial Artist, Machinist
Tina Wind Hunter, Wind Wielder
Hazuki Wind Mage, Professor, Enchanter
Nasario Wind Summoner, Magic Swordsman, Enchanter
Almira Wind Hunter, Beast Tamer, Sniper
Kazahaya Wind Thief, Martial Artist, Ninja
Fencer Wind Fencer, Phantom Duelist, Chain Duelist
Flamel Wind Mage, Magic Swordsman, Beast Tamer
Gyan Wind Soldier, Thief, Beast Tamer
Rigalt Wind Thief, Hunter, Pirate
Melia Wind Priest, Bard, Chemist
Reiner Wind Scout Member, Martial Artist, Holy Cavalier
Cordelia Wind Valkyrie, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
Tehre Thunder Earth Sprite, Ranger, Spy
Freikugel Thunder Magia Gunslinger, Thief, Boom Technician
Laila Thunder Thunderer Trickster, Sage, Spy
Tsang Lei Thunder Summoner, Enchanter, Geomancer
Sovereign Thunder Sovereign, Enchanter, Diviner
Dilga Thunder Soldier, Martial Artist, Holy Knight
Chao Thunder Battle Mage, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Astrologer
Monzein Thunder Indomitable Axe Knight, Dragon Knight, Holy Cavalier
Vincent Thunder Sage, Bard, Professor
Meily Thunder Mage, Priest, Bishop
Alfred Thunder Thief, Bard, Gunner
Retzius Thunder Soldier, Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman
Amis Thunder Priest, Bard, Crafter
Lucido Thunder Hunter, Soldier, Ninja
Justin Thunder Gunner, Samurai, Sniper
Ishuna Thunder Thief, Hunter, Martial Artist
Aruba Thunder Merchant, Beast Tamer, Dragon Cavalier
Soleil Light Sage, Bishop, Enchanter
Dragoon Chloe Light Dragoon, Fencer, Masurao
Kuon Light Priest, Chemist, Shrine Maiden
Amaterasu Light Shrine Maiden, Professor, Priestess
Hugo Light Sniper, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Magia Gunslinger
Victor Light Holy Cavalier, Ninja, Twin-Blade Swordsman
Shaman Light Shaman, Divine Punisher, Divine Herald
Olga Light Martial Master, Magic Swordsman, Spy
Celliers Light Dragon Cavalier, Thief, Ninja
Decel Light Mage, Thief, Chemist
Fiona Light Young Lady, Chronomancer, Enchanter
Sabareta Dark Thief, Hunter, Dark Knight
Dias Dark Soldier, Dark Knight
Annerose Dark Mage, Crafter, Bishop
Blanchett Dark Twin-Blade Swordsman, Samurai, Martial Artist
Harbinger Dark Harbinger, Death-Spreading Harbinger, Death-Delaying Harbinger
Reida Dark Shrine Maiden, Sage, Ninja
Edwin Dark Holy Cavalier, Magic Swordsman, Warrior

D Tier Characters In The Alchemist Code

Unit Element Available Jobs (Base)
Mianne Fire Priest, Mage, Bishop
Rin Tohsaka Fire Jewel Magician, Martial Artist, Sage
Red Magnus Fire Scorching Flame Overlord, Dragon Knight, Warrior
Gladiolus Fire Prince’s Protector, Martial Artist, Holy Cavalier
Roy Mustang Fire Flame Alchemist, Ninja, Telekinetic Artist
Riza Hawkeye Water Amestrian 1st Lieutenant, Gunner, Sniper
Gane Water Thief, Professor, Holy Knight
Prinny Water Prinny Squad, Prinny General, Prinny God
Gato Water Bard, Mage, Enchanter
Gunner Water Hunter, Crafter, Gunner
Milis Wind Hunter, Magic Swordsman, Ranger
Leon Wind Bard, Mage, Magic Swordsman
Edward Wind Fullmetal Alchemist, Martial Artist, Blademaster
Polin Wind Bard, Mage, Priest
Fencer Wind Fencer, Phantom Duelist, Chain Duelist
Prompto Thunder Gunner, Holy Knight, Prince’s Best Friend
Usalia Thunder Toto Bunny Overlord, Thief, Chronomancer
Gilgamesh Thunder Hero King, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
King Bradley Thunder Wrathful Homunculus, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Seraphina Light Gorgeous Overlord, Crafter, Magia Gunslinger
Peridot Light Mage, Thief, Sage
Alphonse Light Armored Alchemist, Thief, Holy Knight
Tomas Light Wild Beast Tamer, Martial Artist, Warrior
Zeke Light Holy Knight, Dark Cavalier, Holy Cavalier
Yuan Dark Hunter, Thief, Ninja
Archer Dark Archer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Ranger
Zahar (Fate) Dark Archer, Berserker, Lancer
Pride Dark Prideful Homunculus, Magic Swordsman, Machinist
Killia Dark Wanderer, Martial Artist, Shadow Assassin

F Tier Characters In The Alchemist Code

Unit Element Available Jobs (Base)
Laharl Fire Overlord, Magic Swordsman, Necromancer
Rin Water Mage, Priest, Chronomancer
Noctis Water Prince of Lucis, Magic Swordsman, Battle Mage
Lamia (Fate) Water Saber, Assassin, Ninja
Illyasviel Water Master Magician, Chronomancer, Enchanter
Envy Wind Dark Knight, Martial Artist, Envious Homunculus
Thillie Wind Beast Tamer, Sage, Ninja
Saber Wind Saber, Holy Knight, Valkyrie
Ignis Wind Prince’s Advisor, Crafter, Shadow Assassin
Yomi (Fate) Wind Rider, Necromancer, Caster
Almira (Disgaea) Wind Netherworld Thief, Valkyrie, Netherworld Samurai
Etna Light Overlord Vassal, Ninja, Blademaster
Aranea Dark Imperial Commodore, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Rosa (Disgaea) Dark Succubus, Enchanter, Netherworld Mage


I am sure with The Alchemist Code tier list there’s no stopping you from acing the game given you have your eyes set on Tier S & Tier A and to the least extent Tier B heroes.