What Does AFK Mean In Roblox (2022)

Find out the meaning behind the acronym and why it's used in the game.

The Roblox gaming community can be a strange and confusing experience to newcomers at times. A big portion of that confusion can be attributed to the large number of acronyms floating around the chat. Players that are not familiar with gaming terminology can feel pretty left out during Roblox chats with terms like AFK and BSF being thrown around.

Today, we will discuss the term AFK and what it means in Roblox.

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AFK Meaning In Roblox


AFK is not actually a Roblox specific term. It is a common gaming term that means Away From Keyboard. Players in almost all games use this term to signify to their team that they will be away from the keyboard for a while.

It is considered good conduct to inform other teammates when getting away from the game for a short duration. By doing so, players ensure that their teammates know why they are not getting any response from their side.

This is especially important for games that rely on teamwork. Games like Jailbreak need a lot of teamwork. If a player is gone without any explanation, their teammates are at a certain disadvantage. They do not know whether to wait for their teammate or play with one person down.

This is why players message AFK to signify that they are only away temporarily and will be back soon. Often players will also message the AFK duration. That message will read something like ‘AFK for a minute’. This informs the other teammates that the player is gone for a minute and will be back.

However, being AFK for too long can get players kicked off the game in Roblox. Generally players taking an AFK break for longer than 5 minutes find themselves thrown out of the game. In fact, players that regularly go AFK can also be banned for a short duration in some games where AFK farming occurs.

This is all that players need to know about the meaning of AFK in Roblox.