How To Get A Unicorn In Roblox Adopt Me? (2022)

Players can raise mythical creatures like a Unicorn in Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a massively multiplayer online game that allows players to raise cute pets. While some pets may be everyday animals like a Horse or a Parrot, players can also raise mythical creatures like a Unicorn in Adopt Me. However, many players do not know how they can get the legendary pet in the game. If you are also wondering the same thing then continue reading as we will discuss exactly how players can get a Unicorn in Adopt Me.

How To Get A Unicorn In Roblox Adopt Me?


Unicorn is a legendary pet that has a white body with a pink horn and tail. Its mane is pink and green and it looks similar in appearance to a Horse. Players looking to get this pet in the game can try out one of the methods below.


Hatch Eggs


The most straightforward way to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me is through hatching them from Eggs. Unicorns can be hatched from Cracked, Pet, or a Royal Egg. The best chance players have to get a Unicorn is through hatching a Royal Egg which costs 1450 bucks. Though it is also possible to hatch eggs from the other two options, the chances of a Unicorn hatching are pretty low.

Egg Chance Cost
Cracked Egg 1.50% 350 Bucks
Pet Egg 3% 600 Bucks
Royal Egg 8% 1450 Bucks

Log In Reward


Another option players have is to get the Golden Eggs in the daily reward bonus which can hatch the Golden Unicorn. The Star Rewards earned for logging in everyday can be exchanged for an Golden Egg. However, this is a long process and players will have to log in daily for a while before they can actually claim their Unicorn through this method.

Trade With Other Players

In case none of the other options work, players can always trade for a Unicorn with other Roblox Adopt Me players. However, players should only use the authorized in-game trade chat and also know the true value of the Unicorn. Often players do not know the real value of a pet and end up overpaying in a trade.


This is everything that players need to know about getting a Unicorn in Adopt Me. To know the true value of a Skele Rex in Adopt Me, check out Roblox Adopt Me: What Is A Skele Rex Worth ?