Roblox Adopt Me: What Is A Skele Rex Worth In 2022?

Knowing the exact value of certain pets is quite difficult in Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a massively multiplayer online game where players can raise and trade cute pets. However, knowing the exact value of certain pets is quite difficult in the game. Players often have to follow their own instinct when trying to ascertain the value of pets. It is even more difficult to determine the worth of legendary pets like the Skele Rex that was only available for a limited time in Adopt Me. In today’s article, let us find out how much a Skele Rex is actually worth in Roblox Adopt Me.

What Is A Skele Rex Worth In Adopt Me?


The Skele Rex was introduced to Adopt Me back in 2020 as a part of the Halloween Event. It is a legendary pet that was only available for a limited time in the game. The Skele-Rex was the most expensive pet from the Halloween Event (2020), costing 10,000 Candy. Players that wish to get the Skele Rex can no longer do so without trading it with other players in Adopt Me.

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Therefore, it becomes all the more important for players to know the actual worth of this pet. There are a lot of items and pets that are close in value to the Skele Rex in Adopt Me. These are all listed below.



Items Close In Value To Skele Rex

  • Beaver – Rare from Regular Egg
  • Snow Puma – Rare from Regular Egg
  • Bunny – Rare from Regular Egg
  • Stingray – Common from Ocean Egg
  • Rabbit – Rare from Regular Egg
  • Meerkat – Uncommon from Safari Egg
  • Ice Snowboard – Common from Gifts
  • Cradle Stroller – Rare from Gifts
  • Egg Rattle – Uncommon from Easter 2018
  • Yeti – Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
  • Monocycle – Legendary from Gifts
  • Frog – Ultra-Rare from Aussie Egg
  • Mono-Moped – Legendary from Gifts
  • Halloween Evil Dachshund – Rare from Halloween 2021
  • Lynx – Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
  • Albino Bat – Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2020 (Bat Box)
  • Horse Cycle – Legendary from Gifts
  • Yellow Taxi Cab – Legendary from Robux
  • Unicorn Cycle – Legendary from Gifts
  • RGB Laptop – Rare from RGB Reward Box
  • Diamond Unicorn – Legendary from Diamond Egg
  • RGB Propeller – Rare from RGB Reward Box
  • Snow Leopard – Uncommon from Christmas 2021
  • Metal Ox – Legendary from Lunar New Year 2021 (Ox Box)
  • Wolf – Uncommon from Christmas 2019 (Christmas Egg)
  • Skele-Rex – Legendary from Halloween 2020 (Candy)
  • Koala – Ultra-Rare from Aussie Egg
  • Rat – Rare from Lunar New Year 2020 (Rat Box)
  • Horse – Ultra-Rare from Robux
  • Platypus – Ultra-Rare from Jungle Egg
  • Adopt Me Snowboard 1 – Common from Gifts
  • Rat Box – Legendary from Lunar New Year 2020
  • Adopt Me Snowboard 2 – Common from Gifts
  • Bunny Carriage – Legendary from Gifts
  • Gold Snowboard – Common from Gifts
  • Vampire Stroller – Rare from Halloween 2018
  • Tasmanian Tiger – Common from Fossil Egg
  • Ground Sloth – Common from Fossil Egg
  • RGB Reward Box – Legendary from Task Board

These are some of the items that are close in trading value to a Skele Rex in Adopt Me. In addition, a  Skele Rex has also been considered similar in value to a parrot or an owl in the past. This is all players need to know about the true value of Skele Rex in Roblox Adopt Me.


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